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In the final day of the International Forum for Information Security in Saudi Arabia: the need to issue laws for the flow of information and its online protection and face electronic crimes .

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The end of the the International Forum for Information Security  that held in Saudi Arabia, and organized by the Naif Arab University for Security Sciences, starting from Tuesday, October 4th titled "Information Security: Challenges and visions and orientations", participated by more than 12 countries and 200 experts and specialists and rectors , including the University of Menoufia, represented in  Dr. Moawad Khouly , the Rector.

 Participants agreed to announce  the recommendations and the need to face the internet crimes forcefully and decisively  and the development of legislation and laws of internet in  the participating countries and the countries of the world and to develop  standardized and legally binding controls for Internet users and prejudicing such controls, as the forum recommended the support of capacities and expertise and exchange it between the State with regard to information security, and paying attention to the development of research and vocational in this regard, as well as the intensification of community awareness of information security via the internet, pay attention to the issuance of trading information to users with the laws of each state according to the guidelines in this regard campaigns.