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New Administrative leaders At Menoufia University

Menoufia University


Prof, Dr. Moawad Al Kholi , the rector issued a resolution No. 2841 dated November 20 to assign an administrative leadership in some positions in the university  under the conclusion of the committee leaders from the selection and nomination of the occupants of those jobs, it was decided to entrust a number of officials to carry out the pending appointment decision included both: Tawfiq Mohamed Kamal , Assistant Secretary General , Jalal Mahmoud Abdul Salam, assistant Secretary General of the university , Amal Al Najjar , general manager of public relations and media, Suad Al Saied  Bayoumi, Director General of the General administration of Higher Studies, Ahmad Fuad Abdul Sattar, Director General of the General Directorate for university cities, Engineer Adel Attia Allam, director general of engineering administration , Eid  Saad Al Gazzar ,  Director General of the General Department of education affairs , Sabha Mohammed Faraj, Director General of the General Directorate for  personnel affairs , Akef Badr Diab, Director General of youth Welfare, Elwy Ali Al Wakeel,  secretary of the Faculty of Arts, Ashraf Kotb Al  Kholi , secretary of the College of Education, Hani Ibrahim Kilani, director of public administrative department  as of November 20th.