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By building are honored that he will be the discussion of a researcher / Mohammed Hussein Abdel Hamid Abdel Aal registered PhD International Law Department of the college year, and on Thursday, 10/27/2016 at exactly ten o'clock am at the faculty meetings


"Protecting the rights of persons with disabilities in the light of the rules of international law - a comparative study"

The defense committee and the referee is composed of Messrs:

Prof. Dr. / Abdel Hady Mohamed decimals

Professor of public international law and former dean of Sadat's rights "president"

Prof. Dr. / Abu al-Khair Ahmed Attia

Professor of International Law and Dean of the Faculty of Law University of Menoufiya acting "supervisor and a member of"

Prof. Dr. / Hussein Hanafi Omar

Professor of International Law and the Faculty of Law agent Menoufia University for Graduate Studies and Research "members"