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He got Researcher Mohammed Hussein Abdul-Hamid Public International Law Department of a doctorate degree for his "protection of the rights of persons with disabilities in the light of public international law" through a comparative study in which the researcher stressed that no state is seeking to planning for development to play without believes their legislation and political departments and the community inside that persons with disabilities productive class should not be wasting energy, and international Almojta began to concern for the protection of these people's rights, in terms of attention is gradually beginning of the declaration of the rights of the Child in 1959 and the end of the Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities in 2006, came the agreement to come out of their of compassion and charity circuit to the owners of the rights and they have a right to enjoy it.

The researcher recommended that the education system is based on the integration of children with disabilities and the abolition of political isolation within the schools and the recognition of sign language and the method of "braille" as official languages ​​learned by all persons so that they can live and deal with others without the need for an intermediary, classification of infected persons "albinism" among people who are legally blind plea Slasher Aba passed a law to create the national Council on disability, stating how the composition of the Board and its terms of reference and that the State allocates a separate budget for persons with disabilities.

Included the judging panel and discussion by Professor Dr Abdul Hadi decimal Professor of Public International Law and Dean of the Faculty of Law at the University of Sadat and Prof. Dr. Abul Khair gift of Professor and Head of Department of International Law college dean and professor Dr. Hussein Hanafi, Professor of Public International Law and Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Research.