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Training courses for workers, police device

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In light of the university's keenness on the participation of civil society and interact with the Faculty of Law in cooperation with the Security Directorate of Menoufia organizing training courses for police force of officers and trustees on how to deal with citizens and not overrun with them, human rights and controls the use of force in the implementation of the law and the right to defend legitimate.

He lectured at the college professors training programs in the field of human rights and which benefited 8,000 police officer and secretary, and such courses organized by the Directorate continuously, said Dr. Abul Khair Attia Dean.

Attia said he has been organizing seminars and lectures on the legal system of local administration in collaboration with the Youth and Sports Directorate and it centers youth Bagour and Ashmun and martyrs where lectured Dr. Abdullah Hanafi assistant professor of public law and Sami al-Faraj, a teacher of public law altogether, addressed the seminars Administration Act, local councils and terms of reference The appointment and the election for the conservatives and the relationship of the local council in the governorate.

Dean of the College also pointed out that the college professors of international law department lecture in the anti-corruption and transparency organized by university employees, which revolves around the legal aspects of the fight against corruption and the International Convention has cycles.