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We take you to note that the global databases available through the following links:
The first link:
Through this link you can take advantage of all the services provided by the Federation of Egyptian universities and libraries of which are as follows:
1. Find the library holdings 2. Find approved theses and the other is under study
3. Search databases and direct download 4. Find them in local periodicals issued by the Egyptian universities and download the full text of articles.
To take advantage of these services to effectively must be registered at the site through the library.
The second link:
This particular link only the rules of global data, so as to ensure the speed of search results and access to high speed
To take advantage of this site must be registered to the site through the library.
We therefore call upon you in order to go to college library to register the site to benefit the most of it.
To communicate and to learn more:
Through the site:
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