Menofia University

Annual conference at Menoufia University for Graduate Studies for the University envoys abroad

Menoufia University


Dr. Ahmed Farag Al Kased,  vice president of Menoufia University for Graduate Studies and Research, stated  that within the framework of optimizing  the foreign missions of the university sons  in building the society and serve the surrounding environment , the postgraduate sector at the university study the  organization of  an annual conference for Graduate Studies will be held on the campus of the envoys abroad in order to change experiences of the  advanced world to the university to serve the key sectors such as medical ,  applied sciences and humanities sectors  and other fields and various sectors in which envoys make "seminar" to transfer the experience of advanced universities to Menoufia University  also several workshops will be held on the sidelines of the conference that explain how to take advantage of the scientific research in the surrounding environment  that increase the expertise of the recipients and the conference is considered a nucleus to hold another conference will help to maximize the benefit of foreign missions to the sons of the university, as  the Vice President of the university added that it is necessary to develop the mechanisms of scientific research and graduate studies at the university to attract researchers from around the world and to benefit from the experiences of expatriates from Arab and foreign university that  will come only through a Strategy plan in aim in its interior to take advantage of the import and export of constructive ideas through the sons of the university all over the world.