Menofia University

University President : A new mechanism to improve the income of university employees soon

Menoufia University


Dr. Moawad Al Kholi , head of Menoufia University announced that the coming period will witness the implementation of a new mechanism to improve the income of workers in the universities by linking it to the improvement of the actual performance, and that the Supreme Council of Universities has already approved on the allocation of a specific fund to finance that increase, as the Ministry of Finance is currently examining the provision of additional financial resource to increase the Fund's toll on regularly s, which ensure its continuation without stop.

He also added that the new mechanism would reduce the difference between the income of workers significantly regardless of the position of their  appointment.

 This came on the sidelines of his participation in the honoring  ceremony of Engineer Tawfiq Sayer Dyer Secretary General of the University, who reached the age of retirement, and participated in the ceremony, Dr. Abbas Alhefnawi , former head of Menoufia University, and Vice-President of the University, and Dr. Thabet Idris, former vice president of the university, deans and many Administrative leaders  and university workers.