Menofia University

Scholarships provided by the Ministry of Education and Scientific Research in Russian Federation 2015-2016

Menofia University


A number of scholarships have been allocated for Egyptian students to get doctoral degree for those who intend to study in Russian state universities at the expense of the Russian side.

  The  foreign students (the Egyptians) will receive throughout their period of study fiscal grants (for admission to graduate bodies only) and places of university housing match their living conditions with Russian citizens who are studying on the expense of  the Russian Federal budget.

the expenses related to the organization of receiving  foreign student reception covered upon his arrival at the Russian Federation at the airport and taken the a place of study.

The student bears  the purchase value of Russian  health insurance policy.

   The terms of missions in candidates are as follows:

An Egyptian candidate and not older than 32 years.

Working as assistant lecturer or assistant researcher  in one of the Egyptian public university or research institutes or research centers that listed in plan of missions.

Complete mastery of the English language spoken and written and submitting a valid certificate stating achieve a level of 61 IBT test or 5 degrees in the test IELTS.

  The deadline to apply for these grants 25/3/2015

 Required  Documents :

1. The approval of  the nominee side.

2. A copy of the Application Form + copy of the certificate of language

3. Data Form in Arabic accredited from  the place of work (indicating the date of appointment).

4. research  plan in Arabic and English language , Accredited .

5. "CV" in English-language , accredited .


  The application through the website shown after: