Menofia University

Political participation in the parliamentary elections in convoys in Menoufia University

Menoufia University


Menoufia University organized under the auspices of Dr. Moawad Mohammed El Kholi , the  university president and the supervision of Dr. Atef Abu El Azm , Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development organized 5 convoys from the Faculty of Arts to educate youth and citizens of the importance of political participation and encourage them to participate in the upcoming parliamentary elections and careful to cast their ballots in the ballot boxes to choose who will  represent them  where,  the Faculty members who participated in the convoy met with  a large group of youth and students of schools and a number of citizens, at  Abu Sneth youth center , Al Bagor  and a youth center kindergarten and Tookh Tunbasha Berket El Sabaa  to discuss the reasons for abstention from political participation and the importance of this role and rehabilitation of citizens to choose the best elements that represent them in the next parliament, and that for the advancement of political thought and awareness of the importance of active participation in the nation for the advancement of it .with the participation of Dr. Hassan Khattab ,  Dean of the Faculty of Arts for Community Service and Environmental Development, and Dr. Syed Mekawy.