Menofia University

Scholarships for Egyptian student in Azerbaijan

Menoufia University


The University received the letter of the Supreme Council of Universities and included that the  academic diplomacy University (ADA) Azerbaijan offers a number of (5) scholarships for Egyptian students to get:

1. Bachelor's degree in the following disciplines (International Relations - governmental and social relations - Economy - Business Administration - Computer Science - Systems Engineering and Information Technology)

2. Master's degree in the following disciplines (diplomacy and international relations - social policy - Business Administration)

• Note that the scholarship includes tuition, books, accommodation in luxurious places the value of expenditures per student ranging from between 11,000 to $ 18,000.

• You can apply for these scholarships  by filling the form  on the University site

• For more information about this scholarships can Contact the following email address:


• Note that the central administration of the missions do not bear any expenses for these scholarships