Menofia University

Menoufia University President inaugurates the charity exhibition for special needs



Dr. Moawad Mohamed Al Kholy , head of the University and Dr. Atef Abo El Azm, Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development and group of staff members at the University witnessed the inauguration of the charity exhibition that organized by the community Service Society at the University for special needs that last for 3 days with the participation of most of Faculties and units at the University and a number of charity societies.

The rector also pointed out that the university takes all procedures to organize annual exhibition for charity societies in the next period to be held in the rehab of the University at Faculty of Home Economics to serve the special needs especially orphans. 

He also added that the participation of numbers of charities like red crescent society and the participation of Engineering Syndicate emphasized on the vision of the university in the interaction with the local society , where each charity society exhibiting its products from clothes Furniture handicrafts  of ceramics and pottery and the work of coincidences , the  income of these exhibitions allocated to serve people with special needs the matter  is not limited to only the charities, but extends to the participation of university faculties in those events such as the Faculty of Home Economics and Faculty of Specific Education.