Menofia University

New programs for students of master's and doctoral , Faculty of engineering , Menofia

Faculty of Engineering


Dr. Ashraf Zin  Din , Vice dean for Post Graduate studies at Faculty of Engineering, stated that new programs for students of diploma and master's and doctoral degrees  had been developed to be compatible with the labor market due to its location  at the center of the delta near to two industrial  zones , Quesna and Sadat, in addition to the widespread of factories which led the importance of increasing the demand for graduates of College of Engineering, and added that a new program was prepared for  environmental engineering, and renewable engineering, engineering of irrigation and drainage, and foundation engineering, and mechanics of the village, and water resources engineering , soil mechanics to keep up with the requirements of labor market ,and open new horizons for the graduate of the College of Engineering to keep up with the needs of the labor market In light of the global variables.