Menofia University

Mechanization of graduate studies and decide on the student grievances at Faculty of Engineering Menofia University .

College of Engineering


Dr. Azza Lachin , dean of the College of Engineering stated that the college had completed the project of mechanization the work in the sector of Post graduate studies, which led to accelerate the pace of work while maintaining high accuracy specially in a private procedures to  access to the results of graduates .

Dr. Ashraf Zin el dine , vice dean of faculty of Engineering for Graduate Studies and Research, stated that a plan was developed  in coordination with the graduate sector  at the university to pursue the registration of graduate students via the Internet in addition to registration of all library holdings and record scientific research and  master's and doctoral thesis  which making it easier for researchers and faculty members and assistant staff in addition to the preparation of illustrative maps and guides to help graduate students to learn more about the sector`s  regulations.

Dr. Awad Al Sabaa, vice dean of Faculty of Engineering for Education and Student Affairs, stated that the College Board has approved to accept 69 petition for students of different patches , were modified grades, the Vice Dean added that the exam table of the second semester has been announced after  assembling the views of the students and take  necessary adjustments based on their desires , the tables set up in its final form and announced on the college site.