College Council Meeting

Public Relations Officer


The Council of the Faculty of Computing and Information - Menoufia University was held on Sunday 21/2/2019 at 11:00 am
Mr. Mr. Keshk Dean of the Faculty of Computing and Information - University of Menoufia
And in the presence of:
Prof. Hatem El Sayed Ahmed, Vice Dean for Education and Students Affairs
Prof. Ashraf Bahgat Al-Sisi Vice-Dean for Graduate Studies and Research
Prof. Khalid Mohammed Amin,Head of Information Technology
Prof. Osama Abdel Raouf, Head of Operations Research and Decision Support Department
Dr. Hamdi Mohamed Mousa is the head of computer science department
Dr. Mena Ibrahim Semaan, a teacher at the Information Technology Department,
Dr. Nancy Abbas Hefnawi Senior assistant professors alternately
M / Hisham Abdul Nabi Al-Qassas Director General of Communications Delta Delta
I apologize for the attendance:
Prof. Dr. Fawzy Ali Turki, Former President of Kafr El-Sheikh University and Professor Emeritus of the Department of Computer Science
Prof. Mohied Mohamed Hadhoud, Professor, Department of Information Technology and Dean of the Canadian Institute of Engineering Technology and Management