Receiving new and old students for the academic year 2020/2021

Youth Welfare Department


Today, Saturday, 10/17/2020, Mr. Prof. Arabi elsayed Kishk, Dean of the Faculty of Computers and Information - Menoufia University, and the heads of departments at the faculty, and they are: -
Professor / Jamal Samra
Professor / Mohammed Ali
Professor / Mohammed Sharaf
Professor / Hossam Kandil
Ms. Nisreen Abdel-Hadi
Under supervision :-
Mrs. Azza Ahmed Al-Khayat, Director of Student Affairs Department and Acting Secretary General of the College
Receiving new and old students for the academic year 2021/2020 and congratulating them for the new academic year. We also participated in the presence,  student health
The Youth Welfare Department has also organized a reception camp for new and old students with the participation of the roving clan and families, and an art exhibition to introduce students to the technical activities of the college under the supervision of the members of the Youth Welfare, who are:
Professor / Asma Taha
Professor / Fatima
Professor / Mahmoud Younes
Professor / Mustafa Al-Mihi
Professor / Muhammad Al-Meligy