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Menofia University

Seminar on the services of the Library of Alexandria to the researchers at the university.

The office of the Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research


Within the Joint collaboration between the Library of Alexandria and Menoufia University to held introductory  seminars about the  services that the Library of Alexandria presents  to the researchers at the university.

We would like to note that it was decided to hold the seminar –for the  academic and graduate students at the university faculties for the definition of the  scientific services provided by the Department of scientific support and projects  at Alexandrina  University , on Thursday, 10/4/2014 at 11 am at the meeting  hall at the  public administration of the University, with the participation of :

 - (2) faculty member from each college / Institute .

- (2) Member of the assistants  from all the scientific department .

- (2) librarian  to attend the seminar.

with inviting  graduate students to attend the seminar.

With sincere wishes from  the graduate studies and research at the university,  for continued success