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Menoufia University raises psychological and social awareness for citizens online

Menoufia University raises psychological and social awareness for citizens online

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Within the framework of Menoufia University’s interest  to activate the developmental, societal and psychological role of citizens, the sector of community service and environmental development at Faculty of Education activate  the page of psychological support and educational consultations) under the auspices of Dr. Adel Mubarak, President of the University

And that is in the free services of the page in order to provide psychological support and educational consulting services to university students, their families and members of the local community, whether parents, guardians, educators, teachers, psychologists, meetings in schools and other educational institutions that achieve the goals of the university in building bridges of support and partnership to promote the community And attention to the health and well-being of the personal and psychological will.

This has been confirmed by Dr. Sobhy Sharaf, Dean of the College that this work will take the capacity of complete confidentiality in order to ensure the success of these consultations, and the communication will only be through the following email on the site of the college:

Which will be provided only through the free service, and will provide those services from specialized academics from the sections (Psychology - Principles of Education - Curricula and Teaching Methods).


Dr. Mahmoud Fawzy, Vice-Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development emphasized   that what will be displayed on that page will deal with psychological problems and educational consultations, psychological support and educational consultations, educational technical advice specialized in societal issues related to education, videos of specialists, conferences, seminars and open meetings with specialists.

This is under the supervision of Dr. Ahmed Al-Kased, Vice President for Graduate Studies and supervisor of the community service and environmental development sector.