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Bee Propolis and Bee venom to treat Schistosoma

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Bee Propolis  and Bee venom to treat Schistosoma

Researcher Assmaa Ibrahim Bayoumi at Zoology Department of Molecular Biology, Genetic engineering at Faculty of Science, Menoufia University has concluded that Bee Propolis  and Bee venom are natural products promising in treating and minimizing the adverse effects resulting from infection of  Schistosoma where the experiments confirmed the efficiency of bee venom as anti-infective parasite Schistosoma rectum and that by reducing the total number of worms and increase the proportion of eggs Dead, with emphasis on the priority of using it by injection and not sting so as to avoid adverse effect .... as for the Bee Propolis its effective  impact has proven to reduce the number of worms and eggs in the liver tissue , and also showed clear improvement at the molecular level in the liver, intestines and spleen where it is a good catalyst for the formation of receptacles new blood to the liver scar , where the researcher got the doctoral degree in philosophy of science zoology by  this study . the discussion committee consists of : Dr. / Mohammed Salameh,  professor of molecular biology , zoology department ,Faculty of Science, Ain Shams University, and Dr. / Hassan Al Dawy , professor of genetic cellular -  radiation technology Atomic energy Authority .. and from  Faculty of Science, Menoufia University both Dr. Subhi Al Saied , professor of genetics and molecular biology , Zoology  department , Dr. Azza Hassan Mohamed, Professor of immunity to parasites , Zoology department .