Menofia University

The treatment of psychological problems and malnutrition in a convoy at Menoufia University.

Department of Media


Menoufia University organized a convoy from Faculty of Home Economics under the supervision of Dr. Moawad Mohamed Al Kholy, the University President , and the Dr. Atef Abo El Azm, vice president for student and Environmental development Affairs , visited during it Sadat preparatory school in Salaka , where , the Faculty members met with large number of students to listen to their health and psychological problems and identifying the treatments methods of these problems by practicing  sports and artistic activity , praying and reciting Quran , the faculty members also explained the food pyramid for students and emphasized on  the importance of food in the treatment of various diseases and malnutrition that most teenagers suffered from with the participation  of Dr. Shaima Mustafa Abdel Aziz ,  Abeer Nazih Abdul Rahman and Naziha  Abdul Rahman Khalil.