Upholding values and principles in building a new generation at a symposium in the faculty of Home economics

Upholding values and principles in building a new generation at a symposium in the faculty of Home economics

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Today, the Center for Family consultations at the Faculty of Home Economics, Monoufia University, organized a seminar entitled "a strong Family=a long-time Civilization" under the patronage of Dr. Adel Al-Sayed Mubarak, Rector of the University, Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Bagouri, Vice President of the University for Community Service and Environment Development.

Under the supervision and attendance of Dr. Sherif Sabri, Dean of the Faculty, Dr. Seham Aziz, Undersecretary of Faculty for Community Service and Environment Development Affairs, the writer and media man Mohamed Al-Shazli , on the Egyptian Satellite TV and the head of the Cultural Committee of the Arab International Council for Human Rights, Dr. Jihan Swid, professor of the Department of Home Economics and Education and the supervisor of the Family consultation Center in the Faculty.

In the first place, the Dean of the College welcomed the attendance, noting that the University has always maintained the values and principles that aim at building a distinguished generation and a fine homeland, and based on the importance of family cohesion and cohesion and its impact on the strength and unity of society Menoufia University has adopted the establishment of the Family consultation Center at the Faculty of Home Economy.

Dr. Jihan Swid referred to the importance of the Center in dealing with the problems Family and social issues, whether marital or psychological Or educational, with complete secrecy through a selection of guides and guides Well qualified and The Center for Family consultations is the first family center among universities in Egypt, which was established as a result of increasing family problems and negative phenomena that threaten family security and cohesion.

The writer Mohammad Al-Shazli pointed out that the seminar solidifies the concept of family, its importance and its role in building the high society, ancient civilization and the dangers of marital disputes and divorce on children and children. He also discussed the Egyptian family in the age of ancient Egyptian civilization.

The seminar was attended by Dr. Bassem Abdul-Azim Abdul-Qader, Professor at the Faculty of Literature and Head of the Book Union Branch in Menoufia, who delivered many poetic poems amid a great interaction of attendees, and also attended the agents and heads of departments, faculty members, the cooperating body and a large number of students.

The seminar concluded by honoring the journalist and writer Mohammad Al-Shazli with giving a certificate of appreciation for the great efforts in presenting the seminar.