Menofia University

Modified of the oversee Commission of student in crops

Municipality councils


College approved the recommendation of the Board of crops Department modify the Supervisory Committee of demanded / Rahma Maher Abdel Aziz Helou registered master's degree February cycle 2013 to raise Elsayed prof dr/ Hassan Abdel Gaied Aldawam emeritus crops professor and Mr. prof dr/ Ahmed Abdul Hai Elsayed Professor emeritus crops and add Elsayed prof dr/ Mahmoud Al Desouki Ibrahim, professor of crop emeritus and Dr. / Mossad Abdul Khaliq Batal Chief Researcher Crop Physiology research Institute of field Crops Research Agricultural Research Center, Department so as to set the student research department of agricultural research center and Crop Physiology, based on the approval of the Supervisory Committee, and become of the oversee Commission supervision as follows:

prof dr/ Abu Zeid Nabawy Khalil    Professor and Head of the Department Council

prof dr/ Mahmoud Al Desouki Ibrahim    emeritus Professor of crops

Dr. / Mossad Abdul Khaliq Batal      Head of Research at the Institute of Crop Physiology Research Field Crops Research Center, Department of Agricultural Research

Dr. / Osama Ali Muhammad Ali     Crop teacher department