1 - duration of the study altogether to obtain bachelor's degree in agricultural science is a four-year university where consists each academic year of two semesters and the duration of each semester, 15 weeks followed by a test orally and in practice and in writing for each course and the student to study a number of decisions , including not less than the total units from 145 units over the four years of the study .

2 - study Balvriqtin first and second in general and all the decisions their Aajabbarah to all students and branching out to study in the third year to (6) areas and in the fourth division to (10) Division specialist with the exception of Divisions of Agricultural Engineering and Agricultural Business Management that begins where the study directly from the First Division to the band fourth .

3 - The second year students study the decision of the computer and information systems in the first two semesters and the second addition to the English language study agricultural technical in the second semester as mandatory may be added degrees of those decisions to the cumulative total of the student.

4 - costing students transferred from the third band to perform hands - on training during the summer vacation in one of stakeholders بتخصصهم to 3 - 5 weeks as mandatory and without the modules .

5 - The third year student studying ( 4 ) compulsory courses and two (2 ) scheduled to be optional in each semester while studying fourth year ( 3 ) and the number of compulsory decision (3) Elective course each semester .

6 - the student must follow the lessons and participate in practical exercises but not less than the proportion attending 75% of lessons each decision on the unit and the College Board based on the proposal of the Board Section meaning may issue a decision denying student progress to the exam in the decisions that have not met the attendance rate in this case, the student is Raspa the decisions of campus where progress only if the excuse accepted by the Faculty Council shall be considered in this case absent acceptable punished .

7 - estimated student success in every decision of courses one of the following estimates :

Excellent 85 + Very good from 75 to less than 85

Good from 65 to less than 75 acceptable from 50 to less than 65

8 - repetition is estimated student in each course one of the following estimates :

Poor from 30 to less than 50 degrees

Very weak less than 30 degrees

9 - transfer student from unrestricted band to a band that followed if successful in all courses or Raspa was in no more than two decisions of his band Oovriqh the lowest and leads the student fails exam in which students with the band which is attended by decision. The final year students Alraspun in the role of June with no more than decisions Fatnon the concerning that wherein رسبوا to the role of November of the same year If رسبوا to again perform the exam at the end of the semester in which it examines scheduled to be graduation.

10 - student is granted a bachelor's degree after his success in all courses and تأديته for summer training, and success in decisions " of computer and information systems " and " Agricultural Technical English ." The degree is awarded either in the role of the June or November of each year .

11 - calculates the total final Alldrjat bachelor's degree on the basis of the cumulative total kidney what happened upon the student grades in exams decisions four years , without the expense of degrees of computer and English language, and calculates the overall rating for graduation on the basis of the percentages of grades winning the student .