The President of Menoufia University on an inspection visit to the Faculty of Arts

The President of Menoufia University on an inspection visit to the Faculty of Arts

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This morning, Dr. Adel Mubarak, President of Menoufia University, paid an inspection visit to the Faculty of Arts. He was received by Dr. Osama Madani, Dean of the Faculty.
On the sidelines of the visit, Mubarak attended the college council session and the meeting dealt with the status of the College of Arts, in which the study is based on linguistic and literary studies, and social sciences, and its diverse departments in various fields and disciplines, as well as special study programs. The various specializations in it and the needs of society on the other hand, and the constant quest for development in the scientific and academic aspects, and the expansion of the various programs and service centers.
Madani welcomed the president of the university to the college, expressing his happiness with this meeting, and he presented during the session the development that the college has witnessed during the recent period, and the president's support for all the college's activities, and the college is currently seeking to apply for institutional accreditation and unite all departments to achieve this important goal.
After the session, Mubarak inspected the college’s studio for registering and submitting courses electronically, and the steps that were taken to implement the electronic book and implement the decision of the Supreme Council of Universities to convert the paper book into an electronic one and start working on it in the next academic year.