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27/07/2021 Achievements Statement of the General Administration of Postgraduate Studies and Research during the academic year 2020/2021 for the month of June 2021 in the various colleges and institutes of the university. ~/postgrad/postgrad/NewsDetails/140439/en
07/07/2021 "Al-Kased" chairs the meeting of the Council of Graduate Studies and Research at Menoufia University ~/postgrad/postgrad/NewsDetails/140433/en
06/07/2021 The University Council for the month of June grants (22) Ph.D. students, (61) male and female students, and (360) specialized diploma students; And a doctorate degree for three international students ~/postgrad/postgrad/NewsDetails/140432/en
16/06/2021 A Statement of the Achievements of the General Administration of Postgraduate Studies and Research during the academic year 2020/2021 (May 2021). ~/postgrad/postgrad/NewsDetails/140392/en
11/06/2021 The meeting of the Graduate Studies Council headed by Dr. Ahmed Farag Al-Kased, Vice President of Menoufia University for Graduate Studies. ~/postgrad/postgrad/NewsDetails/140385/en
08/04/2021 Visit of the audit team from the Russian company that awarding the ISO 9001: 2015 certificate ~/postgrad/postgrad/NewsDetails/139303/en
06/04/2021 Mubarak receives the external audit team from the Russian ISO certification company ~/postgrad/postgrad/NewsDetails/139299/en
24/03/2021 Menoufia University President meets with the Board of Directors of the Strategic Studies and Leadership Development Center. ~/postgrad/postgrad/NewsDetails/139276/en
24/03/2021 Mubarak holds the monthly meeting of the Laboratories Committee "online" ~/postgrad/postgrad/NewsDetails/139277/en
19/01/2021 83 master's degree students and 40 PhD students in December 2020 ~/postgrad/postgrad/NewsDetails/137131/en
19/01/2021 The Council of the Faculty of Science opens the door to enrollment for the second semester in some disciplines ~/postgrad/postgrad/NewsDetails/137132/en
17/01/2021 Faculty of Commerce opens the door to registration for spring 2021 by e-mail. ~/postgrad/postgrad/NewsDetails/137129/en
17/12/2020 Approval of the University Council to enroll students for different degrees in the Faculty of Medicine ~/postgrad/postgrad/NewsDetails/136126/en
17/12/2020 Opening the door of master's degree enrollment ~/postgrad/postgrad/NewsDetails/136127/en
16/07/2020 The Faculty Leadership Development Center at Menoufia University organizes the 51st online exams . ~/postgrad/postgrad/NewsDetails/134995/en
08/04/2019 Higher Education initiative graduate scholarships for Professional ~/postgrad/postgrad/NewsDetails/132788/en
27/08/2014 Mexico grants for 2015 ~/postgrad/postgrad/NewsDetails/113667/en
27/08/2014 Training courses in the framework of the Indian program for Technical Cooperation ~/postgrad/postgrad/NewsDetails/113668/en
27/08/2014 Scholarships of the Indian University "PCTE" ~/postgrad/postgrad/NewsDetails/113669/en
09/07/2014 Acknowledgement from the sector of graduate studies and research for Prof, Dr. / Said Shelby Mountaser - Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research . ~/postgrad/postgrad/NewsDetails/111671/en
30/04/2014 Workshop: entitled " radiological environmental awareness for employees at the petroleum and industrial facilities " ~/postgrad/postgrad/NewsDetails/104809/en
30/04/2014 Workshop: entitled "The role of Excellence Awards in achieving the strategic vision " the Malaysian experience " ~/postgrad/postgrad/NewsDetails/104810/en
01/04/2014 Seminar on the services of the Library of Alexandria to the researchers at the university. ~/postgrad/postgrad/NewsDetails/102139/en
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