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Secretary-General of the University

Secretary-General of the University

Acc/Akram Hamid Ibrahim Abd al-Dayem

Name:Akram Hamid Ibrahim Abd al-Dayem
School qualification:Bachelor of Commerce 1986 - University of Tanta
Current post:Secretary-General of the University as of 20/11/2016
Grade: Excellent
Functional group:Senior management


Supervisory functions:

Assigned to Finance Managemer of University Performance Development Projects in 13/7/2006
Assigned to Finance Director and managed University Performance Development Projects in 16/11/2008
Appointed to the position of Supervisor of the Office of the University President (Director-General)
Appointed to the post of Head of the Central Administration of the Office of the University President (High Level) on 13 March 2015 and assigned to serve as the University's Assistant Secretary-General for Finance Affairs in addition to his work.

Appointed Coordinator of the National Anti-Corruption Strategy of the University and Secretary of the University's High Commission on Anti-Corruption in 14/12/2015
Commissioned to carry out the work of the Secretary-General of the University (Excellent Degree) by Decree No. 2841 of 20/11/2016

Training courses:

Attended numerous training courses in administrative, financial and supervisory skills in the dissemination of procedures for the values of integrity, transparency and awareness of the risks of corruption and ways of preventing it for administrative leaders at Egyptian universities.

Other areas:
President of the University Staff Sports Federation
President of the Sports Federation of Government Interests, section of Decree No. 218 of 2016 of the Minister of Youth and Sports.
Member of the Board of Directors of Almsaei Almshkora Association in Menoufia.