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06/11/2018 Announcement of a training program entitled "How to use and activate activities of the Egyptian Knowledge Bank" ~/fci/NewsDetails/134967/en
06/11/2018 Invitation to attend a workshop by the Fulbright Commission for the TRA's programs ~/fci/NewsDetails/134968/en
03/11/2018 Announce the convening of a high-level regional meeting to build partnership with academic institutions in the field of cybersecurity ~/fci/NewsDetails/134961/en
03/11/2018 Announcement of the first conference of the Center for Quality Assurance and Continuing Development entitled "Quality Assurance for the Internationalization of Universities" ~/fci/NewsDetails/134962/en
03/11/2018 Invitation to attend a scientific seminar entitled "Role of National Knowledge Bank Tools in Developing Information System for Professional Sectors" ~/fci/NewsDetails/134964/en
03/11/2018 Announcement of a seminar to identify the programs and grants that can be submitted to the faculty members ~/fci/NewsDetails/134965/en
29/10/2018 The open meeting of His Eminence Sheikh / Habib Ali Al - Jafri ~/fci/NewsDetails/134960/en
28/10/2018 Announcement of a symposium entitled "Analyze and Discover in the 100 Million Health Initiative" ~/fci/NewsDetails/134959/en
21/10/2018 Announcement of the nomination and progress of the university Distinguished scientific messages (Master - M.Sc. - PhD) ~/fci/NewsDetails/134958/en
18/10/2018 Mr. Keshk Dean of the Faculty of Computing and Information - Menoufia University Students who obtained second place in the competition "Abcreino" ~/fci/NewsDetails/134957/en
11/10/2018 Declaration of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Award for Environmental Management ~/fci/NewsDetails/134952/en
11/10/2018 Invitation to attend (men and women project for gender equality, celebration of the handicap of Majid's glorious victories) ~/fci/NewsDetails/134953/en
10/10/2018 Announcement of the Khalifa International Educational Award at its twelfth session of the academic year 2018/2019 ~/fci/NewsDetails/134951/en
06/10/2018 Announcement of youth care activities ~/fci/NewsDetails/134950/en
04/10/2018 Announcement of the opening of a chess training center ~/fci/NewsDetails/134947/en
02/10/2018 Announcement of a competition in the memorization and interpretation of the Holy Quran ~/fci/NewsDetails/134944/en
02/10/2018 The announcement of a competition using the thought in the field of imagination and scientific creativity ~/fci/NewsDetails/134945/en
02/10/2018 Announcement of competition in multiple areas ~/fci/NewsDetails/134946/en
30/09/2018 Announcement of a seminar entitled "Towards a better life without addiction" ~/fci/NewsDetails/134942/en
30/09/2018 Events of the first phase of the local competition for software "Menofia CPC" ~/fci/NewsDetails/134943/en
29/09/2018 Declaration of the 5th Cairo International Innovation Fair ~/fci/NewsDetails/134939/en
29/09/2018 College Council Meeting ~/fci/NewsDetails/134940/en
29/09/2018 Invitation to attend the fifth annual day to introduce the EU program of higher education ~/fci/NewsDetails/134941/en
27/09/2018 Announcement of grants from the Chulahorn Graduate Institute of the Master's Study Graduate Management ~/fci/NewsDetails/134938/en
26/09/2018 Announcement of the opening of the registration and release of families ~/fci/NewsDetails/134935/en
26/09/2018 Announcement of a symposium on the October victories ~/fci/NewsDetails/134937/en
26/09/2018 Announcement of a local competition for software "Menofia CPC" ~/fci/NewsDetails/134931/en
25/09/2018 Faculty of Computing and Information Celebration of the new students for the academic year 2018/2019 ~/fci/NewsDetails/134932/en
25/09/2018 Announcement of registration schedule for graduate students ~/fci/NewsDetails/134933/en
25/09/2018 Announcement of the lecture schedule for the students of the software engineering program for the academic year 2018/2019 ~/fci/NewsDetails/134934/en
24/09/2018 Announcement of the lecture schedule for students of the computing and bioinformatics program for the first semester 2018/2019 ~/fci/NewsDetails/133932/en
23/09/2018 Announcement of a trip to Africa Park ~/fci/NewsDetails/133933/en
23/09/2018 Declaration of the results of the admission exam for graduate students in the departments of "Computer Science, Information Systems, Information Technology" for the academic year 2018/2019 ~/fci/NewsDetails/133931/en
22/09/2018 Computers Celebrate ~/fci/NewsDetails/133930/en
15/09/2018 Faculty of Computing and Information Preparations - Menoufia University to receive new and old students for the academic year 2018/2019 ~/fci/NewsDetails/133928/en
05/09/2018 The activities of the second day of the seminar of the joint programs between the University of Menoufia and the Egyptian University of e-learning private faculty of computers and information University of Menoufia ~/fci/NewsDetails/133926/en
04/09/2018 Announcement of the formation of committees emanating from the College Council for the academic year 2018/2019 ~/fci/NewsDetails/133925/en
03/09/2018 President of the University of Menoufia and his deputies and Dean of the Faculty of Computer and Information - University of Menoufia congratulate the new governor of Qalyubia ~/fci/NewsDetails/132925/en
30/08/2018 Announcement of the fifth conference in nanotechnology ~/fci/NewsDetails/132921/en
30/08/2018 Invitation to the workshop entitled "Building and managing warehouses and digital databases of letters and scientific research of higher education institutions in the African continent" ~/fci/NewsDetails/132922/en
30/08/2018 Declaration of the Fourteenth Conference on: The behaviors of citizenship and social responsibility of business organizations in the Arab world "reality and mechanisms of embodiment" ~/fci/NewsDetails/132923/en
05/07/2018 Congratulations to Dr. Mohamed El Menshawy ~/fci/NewsDetails/131894/en
04/07/2018 Announcement of the nomination of a student to attend the Institute of Leadership Development in Helwan ~/fci/NewsDetails/131891/en
04/07/2018 Participation of the college in the introductory meeting for high school students at Menoufia University ~/fci/NewsDetails/131892/en
03/07/2018 Discuss the graduation projects of the fourth year of the academic year 2017/2018 ~/fci/NewsDetails/131890/en
15/06/2015 latest news ~/fci/NewsDetails/126561/en
10/06/2015 Terms & Conditions ~/fci/NewsDetails/126462/en
09/06/2015 Announcement ~/fci/NewsDetails/126454/en
03/06/2015 The Fulbright Commission opened the door for the progress of the program of scholarships ~/fci/NewsDetails/126373/en
19/05/2015 Scholarships for Japan ~/fci/NewsDetails/125777/en
18/05/2015 Trip ~/fci/NewsDetails/126437/en
12/05/2015 latest news ~/fci/NewsDetails/126560/en
09/05/2015 Competition "# brain _ Egyptian" graduation projects. ~/fci/NewsDetails/125533/en
05/05/2015 Technology News ~/fci/NewsDetails/125539/en
26/04/2015 Cooperation between the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Czech Republic ~/fci/NewsDetails/126426/en
22/04/2015 Training courses (National Authority to ensure the quality of education and accreditation) ~/fci/NewsDetails/124942/en
22/04/2015 Experts in the Czech Republic ~/fci/NewsDetails/124922/en
22/04/2015 Cooperation between the Government of the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Government of Kuwa ~/fci/NewsDetails/124921/en
21/04/2015 The announcement of the award ALECSO mobile applications for 2015 ~/fci/NewsDetails/124908/en
21/04/2015 Sharm El shikh ~/fci/NewsDetails/124915/en
19/04/2015 Sure way to safety programs when running Windows ~/fci/NewsDetails/125573/en
19/04/2015 summer training ~/fci/NewsDetails/124860/en
18/04/2015 Opening for progress of research projects ~/fci/NewsDetails/124844/en
18/04/2015 Outlook provides Outlook program ~/fci/NewsDetails/125571/en
16/04/2015 3 free programs to get rid of malware ad in Windows ~/fci/NewsDetails/125569/en
15/04/2015 latest news ~/fci/NewsDetails/126559/en
13/04/2015 Happy New Year ~/fci/NewsDetails/124840/en
04/04/2015 Assess Innovation Competition for the best 15 universities and research institutes Egyptian for 2015 ~/fci/NewsDetails/123696/en
02/04/2015 The general assembly meeting of the Social Insurance Fund ~/fci/NewsDetails/123698/en
21/03/2015 chess competition ~/fci/NewsDetails/122315/en
18/03/2015 Alef family invites you to innovate ~/fci/NewsDetails/122295/en
18/03/2015 cooperation between Menoufia University and the University of Al-Manar Tunisia ~/fci/NewsDetails/122314/en
05/03/2015 Workshop ~/fci/NewsDetails/120927/en
18/02/2015 Complaints and suggestions ~/fci/NewsDetails/122246/en
08/02/2015 semester schedule ~/fci/NewsDetails/119203/en
02/02/2015 Organize a national conference to promote the Egyptian industry. " ~/fci/NewsDetails/118989/en
01/02/2015 Job opportunity ~/fci/NewsDetails/119206/en
31/01/2015 Rehabilitation grant for college students from the Ministry of Youth and Sports ~/fci/NewsDetails/119154/en
29/01/2015 Restart portal for digital library services and global databases ~/fci/NewsDetails/84117/en
28/01/2015 Committees graduate table ~/fci/NewsDetails/120469/en
28/01/2015 Seventh International Conference on NANO-TECHNOLOGY IN CONSTRUCTION (NTC 2015) ~/fci/NewsDetails/118820/en
28/01/2015 "Eiffel Excellence ~/fci/NewsDetails/119152/en
26/01/2015 Initiate contracts University Book ~/fci/NewsDetails/118772/en
26/01/2015 dreamspark site ~/fci/NewsDetails/117583/en
21/01/2015 The decision of Mr. A.. D / Rector (1392) ~/fci/NewsDetails/100401/en
20/01/2015 grants for doctoral and scientific missions degree ~/fci/NewsDetails/119182/en
20/01/2015 Announcement ~/fci/NewsDetails/119153/en
18/01/2015 the latest news for the college ~/fci/NewsDetails/94847/en
14/01/2015 "Alexander Onassis" ~/fci/NewsDetails/119181/en
13/01/2015 "Scientific writings pens Youth" ~/fci/NewsDetails/118402/en
13/01/2015 advertising ~/fci/NewsDetails/120465/en
04/01/2015 advertising ~/fci/NewsDetails/120463/en
04/01/2015 "Radioisotope production, environmental and industrial applications." ~/fci/NewsDetails/120461/en
04/01/2015 graduation projects ~/fci/NewsDetails/120460/en
03/01/2015 occasion of Mouled ~/fci/NewsDetails/118111/en
01/01/2015 happy New Year ~/fci/NewsDetails/123498/en
22/12/2014 E-mail service ~/fci/NewsDetails/101751/en
09/12/2014 committees and monitoring system ~/fci/NewsDetails/117651/en
24/11/2014 protocol of cooperation between the university and the institution ceremony ~/fci/NewsDetails/117610/en
24/11/2014 protocol of cooperation ~/fci/NewsDetails/117612/en
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