Announcement of a virtual international conference entitled "Universities and Digital Transformation ... Opportunities and Challenges"

Cultural Relations Department


The General Administration for Cultural Relations announces the Department of Conventions and Conferences according to what was mentioned in the book of Mr. Prof. Osama Muhammad Al-Abd, Secretary General of the Association of Islamic Universities regarding the intention of the Media Committee of the Association of Islamic Universities and the Association of Arab Media Colleges - Cairo University to organize a hypothetical international conference under the title: Universities and Digital Transformation ... Opportunities and Challenges And in the first week of December 2020 The conference discusses the developments imposed by modern communication technology and the information revolution on the university work system and the reality of Arab and Islamic universities in terms of the extent to which they employ these developments and the challenges they face in this field. The papers shall be sent to the following e-mail at the deadline: - On Sunday 11/18/2020 (Rabeta20020@gmail.com) For more information about the conference, its discussions, and how to communicate with the organizers, please visit the following link: - http://islamicuniversitiesleague.org