The College Council convenes

Public Relations Officer


Today, Sunday, 01/17/2021, the Council of the Faculty of Computers and Information - Menoufia University was held at exactly ten thirty in the morning, headed by Mr. Prof. Arabi Elsayed Kishk, Dean of the Faculty of Computers and Information - Menoufia University And in the presence of: - Prof. Mohi Muhammad Haddoud, Professor Emeritus, Department of Information Technology and Chairman of the Sector Committee for Institutes and Divisions of Computer Science and Information Systems Prof. Dr. Hatem El-Sayed Ahmed, Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs Prof. Ashraf Bahjat Al-Sisi, Vice Dean for Postgraduate Studies and Research Prof. Osama Abdel-Raouf, Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development, and Head of Operations Research and Decision Support Department Prof. Dr. / Khaled Mohamed Amin, Head of Information Technology Department Prof. Hamdi Mohamed Moussa is the head of the Computer Science Department Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Kafafi, Lecturer, Department of Operations Research, "The oldest teacher on rotation" Eng. Hisham Abdel Nabi Al-Qassas, Director General of Communications for the Central Delta Region And I apologize for attending: - Dr. Jamal Farouk Al-Hadi, "The oldest teacher by rotation." The faculty council discussed the following topics: * The College Board approved the deletion of the names of the students of the first year and those transferred from the college in the academic year 2020/2021 to other colleges and their number is (11) students from the lists of the first year for the academic year 2021/2020 * The College Board approved the registration of research topics for scientific theses (MA - PhD) for each of: - - Eng. Faten Abdel Hamid Khalifa, "PhD in Information Systems" - Eng. Asma Thabet Anwar Ahmed, Ph.D. in Information Technology. - Eng. Dina Maher Shafiq, "Master of Information Technology" - Engineer / Ahmed Abdel Wasea Hamad, "Master of Computer Science" * The College Board approved granting the student / Mahmoud Sami Helmy a diploma in computers and information, specializing in information technology * The College Board agreed to extend an exceptional leave of six months, starting from 1/2/2021, to Dr. Muhammad Al-Minshawi Suleiman, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science. * The College Board approved the renewal of the formation of the Board of Directors for the (Software Engineering) program with the credit hour system, based on the text of Article No. (5) of the unified internal regulations of the administrative and financial system for study programs with the credit hour system. * The College Board agreed to terminate the service of Eng. Ahmed Fawzy Gad, Assistant Lecturer, Department of Information Technology, and address the university due to his absence for more than a month in the college and his travel outside the country without the college’s knowledge. * The College Board agreed to take note of the speech of Professor Dr. / Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research regarding what was published in the Official Gazette of the decisions of the Coronavirus Crisis Management Committee.