Apology for non-entry exam

Apology for non-entry exam

1-The request for an apology for not entering the exam before the start of or during the exam in two days from the date of expiry not pay any attention to any application submitted after this date and submit an application on behalf / Dean and is filed either by hand archive college or sends to the college by registered mail return receipt requested.

2- Student Affairs Department provides college student upon arrival to notify the student to apply for medical management, as notified on the same day that medical management.

3- May not be repeated apologies for non-entry exam in one round.

4-  May not exceed the number of sick excuses not to enter the exam twice during the years of the study add to it a third time resolution of the Board of Education and Student Affairs mandate of the University Council.

5- The student must be accompanied by a request not to enter the exam for an explanation of the social excuse this excuse is accompanied by all the official papers function on the fact that the excuse given him and void any papers or documents from non-state actors.