Menoufia University

National liver institute

resently  the Egyptian society a serious battle for reconstruction and economic development and overall social and Menoufia University as one of the Egyptian universities are playing an important role in the development of Egyptian society.

In 1987 was opened Liver Institute National liver disease, which is a gift expensive than Menoufia University to the Egyptian society and Arab remove pain many resulted from serious diseases remained deployed in the region affecting old and young and threatening body of  society and economics and check the university create this institute mission of the university towards society the university set up first and foremost to serve the community in which they live and contribute to solve the problems.

First: - Growing

· Largely attributed the establishment of the National Liver Institute shebin Kom to Prof. Dr. / Yassin Abdel Ghaffar God bless his soul and a group of the best and the greatest doctors Egypt who devotion in helping to achieve this dream.

·first status as a specialized institute for the treatment of liver diseases in Egypt and the Arab world according to the Ministerial Decree No. 1256 dated 12.07.1985.

· Monofia was Chosen place to create and this institute to mediated by the provinces of Lower Egypt, where growing percentage of hepatic injuries among residents of the center of Delta and launched work in March 1987.