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19/07/2022 The college obtains 5-year quality accreditation ~/AGR/NewsDetails/129629/en
19/02/2020 The sixth session of the College Council will be held today ~/AGR/NewsDetails/130890/en
09/02/2020 The second session of the College’s Farmer Committee for the current fiscal year 2019/2020 ~/AGR/NewsDetails/130888/en
10/06/2015 reward Exchange Scientific Publishing to Mr. Dr. / Khaled Salah al-Din ~/AGR/NewsDetails/126461/en
07/06/2015 Student on food provides petition to re-register ~/AGR/NewsDetails/126345/en
04/06/2015 Modified crops subject of a student because of not match Titles ~/AGR/NewsDetails/126341/en
28/05/2015 Professors of Land Department report on their attendance conferences ~/AGR/NewsDetails/126324/en
27/05/2015 Nominate professors of crops Department to attend a conference at the University of Banha ~/AGR/NewsDetails/126323/en
24/05/2015 The conduct of agricultural convoy to Abu Mashhour tomorrow ~/AGR/NewsDetails/125850/en
21/05/2015 Approval of renewal holiday for Ms. / Huda Elsayed for the second year ~/AGR/NewsDetails/126006/en
19/05/2015 Upgrade d / Mohamed Mahmoud Hassan Assistant Professor, Department of Genetics ~/AGR/NewsDetails/125855/en
16/05/2015 Nominate Dr / Ayman al-Ashmawy to teach at college ~/AGR/NewsDetails/125825/en
12/05/2015 Prof Dr / Anwar El Sheikh request funding research project ~/AGR/NewsDetails/125685/en
11/05/2015 Determine the value of research expenses for graduate students ~/AGR/NewsDetails/125684/en
05/05/2015 Prof Dr / Jamal Abu Ghar refrain from attending the Fourth Conference of the Forum on Arab scientists ~/AGR/NewsDetails/125636/en
03/05/2015 Prof. Dr / Ahmed Abdel Wahab Enab evaluates research project at the University of Banha ~/AGR/NewsDetails/125619/en
02/05/2015 set Ms. / Inas Mahroos Assistant Lecturer in Genetics ~/AGR/NewsDetails/125617/en
27/04/2015 Dr / Essam Shaheen promoted to the post of professor of agricultural extension ~/AGR/NewsDetails/125381/en
26/04/2015 Nomaite Prof Dr / Dina Serag Eldin of the Faculty of Arts to teach in college ~/AGR/NewsDetails/125372/en
25/04/2015 Mr. D / Mohammed Sultan taught course (breeding and improvement of poultry) for students of open education level III ~/AGR/NewsDetails/125368/en
19/04/2015 mandate Mr. Prof. Dr. / Abdul Rahman Trail to teach at the Institute of Tiba ~/AGR/NewsDetails/124834/en
16/04/2015 Prof Dr / Khamis Kaabara nominated for excellence award ~/AGR/NewsDetails/124827/en
13/04/2015 Add dr / Wael Nada to oversee the message student at Soil Science ~/AGR/NewsDetails/124818/en
09/04/2015 Dr / Ahmed Abdel Rahim nomination to the Ninth International Conference of Prussia ~/AGR/NewsDetails/123770/en
07/04/2015 Prof Dr / Kamal Hosni Hanafi travels to scientific mission in America ~/AGR/NewsDetails/123767/en
05/04/2015 Ms. / Shaima Abu Saad progress report to get a Ph.D. ~/AGR/NewsDetails/123763/en
04/04/2015 Prof Dr / Abdel Moneim Mohammed Amer co-authored a book ~/AGR/NewsDetails/123761/en
02/04/2015 Dr / Mustafa Mohammed Elsayed travels to perform Umrah ~/AGR/NewsDetails/123759/en
26/03/2015 Appoint Ms. / Basma Salah al-Din Assistant teacher in Horticulture ~/AGR/NewsDetails/122460/en
24/03/2015 Prof Dr / Jamal Abu Ghar and Prof Dr / Shaaban Draz representatives to choose the Dean of the College ~/AGR/NewsDetails/122457/en
18/03/2015 Foundation Lnatk of office equipment offering a donation to the College ~/AGR/NewsDetails/122287/en
17/03/2015 Prof Dr / Sally Midanof studying Rapporteur instead of Prof Dr /Mohammed Fathallah ~/AGR/NewsDetails/122149/en
15/03/2015 Portal organize a seminar for members of faculty staff ~/AGR/NewsDetails/121049/en
11/03/2015 Secondment Prof Dr / Tariq Eladawy to teach postgraduate studies at Tanta University ~/AGR/NewsDetails/120984/en
10/03/2015 Secondment Prof Dr / Hassan Nabih Abu Saad to teach at the University of Tanta ~/AGR/NewsDetails/120983/en
04/03/2015 Add Dr. / Wael Mohammed elsayed Omran to oversee the student message ~/AGR/NewsDetails/120877/en
01/03/2015 Set Dr. / Yusra Shakra teacher economy ~/AGR/NewsDetails/120823/en
25/02/2015 nominate of Mr. Prof. Dr. / Doria Khairy of the Conference of the Netherlands ~/AGR/NewsDetails/120643/en
21/02/2015 mandate Mr. Dr / Mohammed Mahrous from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine for teaching in faculty ~/AGR/NewsDetails/120440/en
12/02/2015 Nominate two teachers of animal production training session in Cairo ~/AGR/NewsDetails/119215/en
10/02/2015 Assigned to sections demonstrators new graduates batches 2013/2014 ~/AGR/NewsDetails/119211/en
10/02/2015 Assigned to sections demonstrators new graduates batches 2013/2014 ~/AGR/NewsDetails/119211/en
08/02/2015 Appoint Mr. / Mohammed Jamal Aekl Assistant Lecturer economy ~/AGR/NewsDetails/119090/en
07/02/2015 Appoint Mr. / Amr Heweidi Assistant Lecturer, Department of Genetics ~/AGR/NewsDetails/119089/en
07/02/2015 Renew the study leave to Mr. / Amr Masry to change the headquarters of the university study ~/AGR/NewsDetails/119086/en
04/02/2015 Nomination of assistant teachers to scholarship in Mexico ~/AGR/NewsDetails/119082/en
03/02/2015 College gets Environmental Excellence Award for 2014 ~/AGR/NewsDetails/119080/en
26/01/2015 prof dr/ Adel El-Beltagy examines the decisions of the Department of Plant instead of Dr. / Sameh Fahim ~/AGR/NewsDetails/118804/en
24/01/2015 Approve the student exam from abroad ~/AGR/NewsDetails/118802/en
21/01/2015 Modified of the oversee Commission of student in crops ~/AGR/NewsDetails/118794/en
19/01/2015 Cancel Student Registration on food to special circumstances ~/AGR/NewsDetails/118699/en
15/01/2015 Stop recording student to drop the guidance for ~/AGR/NewsDetails/118688/en
13/01/2015 Extend duration of the study for postgraduate students following data ~/AGR/NewsDetails/118685/en
10/01/2015 prof Dr/ Adel El-Beltagy submit a report on his attendance the Conference in Japan ~/AGR/NewsDetails/118466/en
07/01/2015 prof Dr/ Diaa Eddin Ahmed Al Rayes gets a vacation for the fifth year to travel to Saudi Arabia ~/AGR/NewsDetails/118394/en
04/01/2015 Set Prof. Dr. / Sami Abdul Rahman, head of the Department of Dairy Technology successor to the D / Recep Badawi ~/AGR/NewsDetails/118383/en
01/01/2015 Set Dr. / Manal Abul Naga for the position of Assistant Professor of Poultry Nutrition ~/AGR/NewsDetails/118375/en
06/12/2014 mandate of Dr / Mohamed Medhat Mustafa to teach at the University of Alexandria ~/AGR/NewsDetails/117418/en
04/12/2014 mandate of Mr. Dr / Fouad Salama to teach graduate courses in Damanhour ~/AGR/NewsDetails/117417/en
01/12/2014 Stop recording Demonstrator in food for traveling to get a Ph.D. ~/AGR/NewsDetails/117410/en
29/11/2014 Stop recording student in Agricultural Extension for the third year ~/AGR/NewsDetails/117409/en
27/11/2014 Extend duration of the study for a graduate student following statements based on the approval of the Committees overseeing ~/AGR/NewsDetails/117407/en
25/11/2014 portal establish a fund for complaints and suggestions on college sites ~/AGR/NewsDetails/115994/en
22/11/2014 Appointment of Miss / Hala Amer as an Assistant Teacher, Department of Food ~/AGR/NewsDetails/117314/en
19/11/2014 Mr. / Ayman Alam travels to Russia to get a Ph.D. ~/AGR/NewsDetails/117310/en
16/11/2014 Dr / Mustafa Hammam A request for practicing his profession outside the university in times of non-official work ~/AGR/NewsDetails/115737/en
13/11/2014 Display reports on agricultural convoys ~/AGR/NewsDetails/115695/en
10/11/2014 Design control Shit letter grades to monitor and estimate the first level students ~/AGR/NewsDetails/115634/en
06/11/2014 Transfer a student from another college to debate college for the academic year 2014/2015 ~/AGR/NewsDetails/115627/en
04/11/2014 Nominate a professor from the College of Computing for teaching computer college ~/AGR/NewsDetails/115623/en
01/11/2014 Identify graduate students exams dates ~/AGR/NewsDetails/115617/en
28/10/2014 Modified non substantially in the title of student message ~/AGR/NewsDetails/115613/en
25/10/2014 Add, Dr. / Osama Nail to Committee overseeing the student animal production ~/AGR/NewsDetails/115583/en
22/10/2014 Stop recording demonstrator in Horticulture based on her requestCollege approved the recommendation of the Department of ~/AGR/NewsDetails/115496/en
18/10/2014 Dr / Medhat Abu Zeid presents a report on the scientific mission in France ~/AGR/NewsDetails/115488/en
16/10/2014 Prof Dr / Jamal Abul-Ghar, a report on attending the conferencein England ~/AGR/NewsDetails/115487/en
13/10/2014 Dr / Hussaini Abdul Ghaffar oversees the Master Thesis, University of Cairo ~/AGR/NewsDetails/115451/en
09/10/2014 Two teachers of insects provide scientific and research reports ~/AGR/NewsDetails/115387/en
07/10/2014 Approval of renewal of the holiday of Mr. Prof. Dr. / Mohamed Abd El-Fattah for conditions of war in Libya ~/AGR/NewsDetails/115383/en
04/10/2014 Calculating the period of the absence of Dr / Ibrahim Mohammed Salem from the balance vacations ~/AGR/NewsDetails/115230/en
01/10/2014 Organize a convoy to conduct agricultural administration in Tala ~/AGR/NewsDetails/114557/en
21/09/2014 Modify the subject of a student in the Department of Insects ~/AGR/NewsDetails/114533/en
18/09/2014 Add Prof. / Dr. / Abdul Latif Abdul Wahab Samak to assist in supervising the _ Master's student ~/AGR/NewsDetails/114529/en
17/09/2014 Congratulation near the Eid al-Adha ~/AGR/NewsDetails/114459/en
11/09/2014 Mr. / Mohammed Abdul Mohsen Taha Travel for study for a doctorate in Japan ~/AGR/NewsDetails/114509/en
09/09/2014 Dr. / Osama Abu Ezz Nile Travel for a scientific mission in Japan ~/AGR/NewsDetails/114506/en
07/09/2014 Candidature of Mr. / Omar Huwaidi to attend (a course at the Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University ~/AGR/NewsDetails/114503/en
03/09/2014 Appoint Mr. / Ibrahim Mohammed _ Omar teacher assistant engineering ~/AGR/NewsDetails/114490/en
02/09/2014 Thanks Dr / Doria Mohamed Khairy Previous secretary of the Faculty Council ~/AGR/NewsDetails/114462/en
25/08/2014 Nominate professors to convoy of the management of agricultural in Berket Elsabaa ~/AGR/NewsDetails/113976/en
25/08/2014 Nominate teachers to participate in the convoy Menouf ~/AGR/NewsDetails/113974/en
24/08/2014 student at Third year nomination for the award Keshida ~/AGR/NewsDetails/113971/en
20/08/2014 Documented published research or under publishing of scientific departments ~/AGR/NewsDetails/113956/en
17/08/2014 Cancel the registration of Master student for not regularity in study ~/AGR/NewsDetails/113948/en
13/08/2014 Accept the apologyof Dr. / Magdy Mahdi attend the Eleventh Congress of the Union of the Aruban for plant diseases ~/AGR/NewsDetails/113844/en
10/08/2014 Prof. / Saeed Fathi Badawi El Sisi candidate for the award Keshida ~/AGR/NewsDetails/113830/en
07/08/2014 set Dr. / Asmaa Abdullah Fathi Lecturer, Department of Animal Production ~/AGR/NewsDetails/113826/en
05/08/2014 Dr / Ali Faraj ElSheikha renew his vacation for the fourth year ~/AGR/NewsDetails/113820/en
02/08/2014 New heads of departments at the Faculty of Agriculture ~/AGR/NewsDetails/113806/en
27/07/2014 Display a report on the convoy Shuhada ~/AGR/NewsDetails/112318/en
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