The college obtains 5-year quality accreditation

Published On : 19/07/2022

The National Authority for Quality Assurance of Education and Accreditation certifies........

The sixth session of the College Council will be held today

Published On : 19/02/2020

Today, Wednesday, February 19/2020, the sixth session of

The second session of the College’s Farmer Committee for the current fiscal year 2019/2020

Published On : 09/02/2020

Today, the second session of the college’s farm committee was held for the year ........

reward Exchange Scientific Publishing to Mr. Dr. / Khaled Salah al-Din

Published On : 10/06/2015

Council recommended approval of the Department of Genetics

Student on food provides petition to re-register

Published On : 07/06/2015

Council recommended that the Department of Food Science and Technology approval Ali

Modified crops subject of a student because of not match Titles

Published On : 04/06/2015

Council recommendation to approve the of crops Department

Professors of Land Department report on their attendance conferences

Published On : 28/05/2015

The Board approved the recommendation of the Board section

Nominate professors of crops Department to attend a conference at the University of Banha

Published On : 27/05/2015

Council recommended approval of the Department of Crop