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A symposium on the theme of the art of passing the interview and personal crises failure

Under the auspices of Prof. / Mouawad Kholi Rector and Prof. / Osama civilian dean of the faculty and in the continuous development of the college and qualify for the adoption of the framework and in the framework of activating the role of the Crisis Unit and disaster management. Executive Director Dr. Nha Osman and the unity of the follow-up of graduates and CEO Dr. Abir Khalil and followers of the Environment Agency and Community Service Affairs (D / Hassan's speech and Vice Dean for Community Service To achieve its mission units, was held this seminar on the topic of art Achtaaz interview and personal crises, failures and held today it is corresponding to 28/2/2016 and was attended by the D / Majdi fixed a professor of management and marketing at the Faculty of Pharmacy - Ahram Canadian University and captain pharmacists Qaliubiya, consultant and lecturer in human resources.

The seminar was addressed.

The scientific basis for choosing the right job, how to discover yourself and you stand, the definition of biography, descriptors and Anwayat biography, some mistakes in the writing of biography, sources of job search, personal interview definition, Matvolh before, during and after the interview, a form of effective communication to get the message and clear it effectively, crises and disasters that may be incurred when choosing inappropriate and where failure ..