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 Dr. Abdulrahman Kurmanbek Vice President Monofia for Community Service and Environmental Development, and Dr. Mohamed Osman Brief president of the regional association of NGOs, and Ahmed Maltese representative of the Social Fund, and Moustafa Bayoumi, secretary assistant in the preservation activities of the first conference of the project running girls in maternal and child health care initiatives in cooperation with the Fund Social development, under a grant from the World Bank ..

The committee discussed the most important objectives of the project, which seeks to provide job opportunities for girls and target poor areas, and the improvement of basic health care for mother and child health services and raise awareness of the targeted communities in the health and education sectors and create jobs.

The Maltese representative of the Fund that this project is based on four axes of the most important run of 100 young men and women and trained by the Ministry of Health, and the establishment of educational seminars, and the establishment of community-based committee to support and follow-up project.

He explained Bayoumi, secretary general assistant to maintain .. importance of the role of the Social Fund, civil society representative in the civil associations and trade unions to contribute to this initiative, which is working on community development and mobilization of resources and energies Youth and achieve social justice and the fight against poverty, ignorance .. referring to the preparation of the feasibility and holding seminars to lead the resulting studies National, as well as the advancement of professional and cultural level of labor and the creation of trainers more efficient, and to intensify cooperation between the university and the province to support small projects.

At the end of the meeting, Dr. Abdul Rahman Kurmanbek Dr. Mohamed Osman agreed to hold a protocol of cooperation between the university and community associations in various fields, under the auspices of Dr. Moawad Kholi Rector.