Historyof the Faculty of Arts, University of Menoufiya

     The Collegeof Arts, University of Menoufiyain Shebin, and the study started by the year 1987 / 1988
م.To support human thought as a cultural beacon province province of Menoufiya -through:
          A -Preparation of researchers specializing in languages and literature and thehumanities to community service
               Andinterface between Arab culture and foreign cultures 0
            B- Participation in community development through research that contribute tothe solution
The problemsof society and participation in development strategies in their respectiveareas
   First: the rules of procedure were the Faculty ofArts under the Ministerial Decree No. 864 dated
           27/03/2005included the following:
          A -consists of the Faculty of Arts University of Menoufiya the following sections:
  1 - Arabic 2 - English 3 - French 4 - German
  5 - 6 of Oriental Languages - Sociology 7 - History 8 -Geography
  9 - Philosophy 11 - Psychology 10 - 12 libraries - media
         B - The collegeoffers the following degrees:
               Bachelorof Arts degree in one of the disciplines outlined above sections 
               Masterof Arts in one of the disciplines outlined above sections 
               Doctoral degree in one of Arts in interdisciplinarydepartments above 

The degree of Graduate Diploma in the following disciplines:
             Diplomaof Social Development, Diploma in regional planning, population Diploma,Diploma
             AppliedPsychology, Diploma in Geographical Information Systems Diploma in Languages
             EasternQualifying Diploma libraries, specialized libraries Diploma, Diploma
             Journalism,Diploma in Arabic and Islamic Studies
   Second: the list has been modified by MinisterialDecree No. (22) on 8/1/2007with the addition of
           OpenEducation to allocate geographic information systems.