College Vision

 Aspiring college home economics inlight of the current global, regional and local communities are currentlytaking place, which is evolving continuously, and under Totertha educationprograms, scientific research, community service, to see itself in the futureas follows:
1. Facultyof competition between colleges at the forefront of debate in the arrangement,the National

2. Facultymaintain the original identity of the Egyptian society and take all methods ofprogress
3. Collegeswith a student's desire and according to the latest styles. And methods ofteaching and learning and using the members of faculty specialists anddistinguished scientific environment, and is equipped with the latest tools andtechniques from the laboratory, library and administrative body effectively
4. College graduates made in line with the spirit ofthe age qualified and well prepared and distinct advance his career in aframework of continuous learning and self. Which would have the opportunity tocompete the global, regional and local access to opportunities to work andstudy in the field of home economics manger of the highest level of values andideals
5. College produces advanced scientific researchimpetus within the community to forward the comprehensive development system
College isa community tank reliable.
Provide the best community serviceprograms and activities that motivate students to participate actively instudent life and community, which help them to complete their studies Hsbakplans and achieve the best results
 In light of this, the faculty seeks to achievethe overall quality of university education in light of the academicregulations in force.