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Vital and fatal compounds for cotton leaf worm in scientific research at Faculty of science

Menoufia University


The major cotton leaf worm is considered one of the most important pests that cause economic damage  to many agricultural crops such as cotton and tomatoes , From this standpoint the researcher Manar Abdel Moneim Qamhawi from faculty of science , Department of Chemistry and Micro Biology submitted her research confirms that the bacterial filtrate of  bacteria "Muraksila Ktrals" isolated from shrimp peel has super power for anti-worm larvae on the ability of the major cotton paper, as well as black mold and fungus and Penicillium through the production of an enzyme Alkaitnz, but it is advisable to include it within the biological control of this pest after conducting the necessary biological tests.

The researcher got through this research a master's degree in chemistry and Microbiology  , the discussion committee was formed from  Dr. Sami Aadaal , Professor and Head of Research Department bacteriologist , Animal Health Institute in Zagazig and Dr. Amira Mohammed Abu Taleb, a professor of Microbiology , Department of Botany Cairo, and both of Dr. Sabhh Al Sabagh, professor of Microbiology Department of Botany and Dr. Hanim Hamid Sakr,  insects Assistant Professor of the Department of Animal Faculty of Science Menoufia University.