About Hospitals

University hospitals are considered one of the most important pillars in providing a distinguished health service to the people of Menoufia Governorate and the neighboring governorates. University hospitals are the safe haven for all the people of the governorate, and they are the downstream of all tributaries that provide health service in the Menoufia governorate , Perhaps this stems from the existence of health services that are provided through an integrated treatment system that has had all the elements of success from the availability of scientific cadres at the highest scientific level from the expertise of faculty members and the supporting body, as well as keeping pace with scientific and technological development in the means of diagnosis and treatment. What hospitals provide is not limited to health services only provided to the citizens of the province, but there are educational and technical services to the people of the province through family medicine programs, environmental care and  infection control programs. Therefore, university hospitals have become a service and scientific beacon due to their scientific capabilities and the integration and diversity of services.
The university hospital system includes:

Emergency and critical cases hospital
main hospital
specialty hospital
Oncology hospital
Manshet Sultan Hospital
The hospitals also include 22 departments distributed among hospitals