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28/05/2015 Workshop: "Integrated recycling of the radioactive and hazardous waste", Dokki, Giza, August 2015 . ~/Ho/NewsDetails/126277/en
26/05/2015 Honoring the Faculty of Medicine during the conference "Towards a quantum leap in Higher Education" ~/Ho/NewsDetails/126283/en
25/05/2015 First Scientific Conference of the Department of Neurosurgery, Faculty of Medicine, Menoufia University. ~/Ho/NewsDetails/126282/en
24/05/2015 The 31st Annual International Conference in the United States ~/Ho/NewsDetails/126280/en
24/05/2015 University scholarships in Japan for 2016 ~/Ho/NewsDetails/126281/en
24/05/2015 Vital and fatal compounds for cotton leaf worm in scientific research at Faculty of science ~/Ho/NewsDetails/126278/en
24/05/2015 New in neurosurgery in a conference at Menoufia University ~/Ho/NewsDetails/126276/en
20/05/2015 The announcement of the scholarships provided by the Science and Technology Center of the Non-Aligned and developing countries (NAM), India. ~/Ho/NewsDetails/126274/en
19/05/2015 Appointing 85 new directors in the departments of Menoufia University ~/Ho/NewsDetails/126273/en
03/05/2015 The effect of phosphate on the waters of the Nile .. at a seminar at Menoufia University ~/Ho/NewsDetails/125437/en
29/04/2015 Opening the 22nd International Conference Faculty of Medicine , Menoufia University. ~/Ho/NewsDetails/125166/en
28/04/2015 Emergency automation (137) to activate the mechanization ~/Ho/NewsDetails/125229/en
25/04/2015 The approval of Hospitals Council on completing the training period for some doctors at Manshaat Sultan ~/Ho/NewsDetails/125225/en
23/04/2015 On the necessity of accompaniment of a doctor from the hospital to all critical cases ~/Ho/NewsDetails/125227/en
16/04/2015 initial approval on appointing a leader for the team of the emergency hospital of General Surgery lecturer ~/Ho/NewsDetails/125221/en
15/04/2015 Proposal to attend the hospital administration ( represented by the department boards by invitation from the department ~/Ho/NewsDetails/125223/en
01/04/2015 Approval on the travel of some doctors to the United Arab Emirates ~/Ho/NewsDetails/125255/en
19/03/2015 First Scientific Conference of the Department of Neurosurgery , Faculty of Medicine , Menoufia University ~/Ho/NewsDetails/122294/en
17/03/2015 5 major surgeries at the end of the activities of digestive system conference at Faculty of Medicine Menofia University ~/Ho/NewsDetails/122273/en
17/03/2015 "Kidney Health for All" educational seminar at Faculty of medicine , Menoufia University ~/Ho/NewsDetails/122275/en
15/03/2015 The first scientific day of the unit of Nephrology at Menoufia University ~/Ho/NewsDetails/122154/en
15/03/2015 Important recommendations in the eighth Conference of Diabetes at Faculty of medicine , Menofia University. ~/Ho/NewsDetails/122143/en
11/03/2015 Successful surgery in Faculty of Menoufia for the first time: replacing the ascending aorta to save the patient's life .. ~/Ho/NewsDetails/121042/en
11/03/2015 Gastrointestinal surgery in a conference at Faculty of Medicine , Menoufia University ~/Ho/NewsDetails/121043/en
11/03/2015 Approval on training doctor / Mohammed Abdul Ghani Ismail ~/Ho/NewsDetails/122176/en
10/03/2015 New in the treatment of pediatrics in the eighth scientific forum of pediatric at Faculty of medicine Menoufia. ~/Ho/NewsDetails/121040/en
10/03/2015 World Kidney Day , kidney health for all 12 March 12, 2015 ~/Ho/NewsDetails/121025/en
09/03/2015 Approval on the formation of a training unit at the university hospitals to supervise the training program for resident doctors. ~/Ho/NewsDetails/122175/en
08/03/2015 40% off of the value of the analysis within the research ~/Ho/NewsDetails/122173/en
08/03/2015 Discount for a normal rays on the breast (mammgraphy) to the number (500) within the state of research ~/Ho/NewsDetails/122174/en
05/03/2015 Annual conference of the Department of General Surgery at Faculty of Medicine ~/Ho/NewsDetails/121036/en
05/03/2015 The treatment of psychological problems and malnutrition in a convoy at Menoufia University. ~/Ho/NewsDetails/121037/en
05/03/2015 New in the treatment of diseases and surgeries of tumors and esophagus injuries in a seminar at faculty of Medicine. ~/Ho/NewsDetails/121038/en
04/03/2015 Training Dr. / Mohammed Abdel Azim Kamel at the Directorate of Health Affairs in Gharbia ~/Ho/NewsDetails/122169/en
01/03/2015 Statistics of the decisions of the state expense received from the councils ~/Ho/NewsDetails/120786/en
01/03/2015 Statement about opening the door to run for membership of the House of Representatives ~/Ho/NewsDetails/120797/en
01/03/2015 The University President witnessed the activities of the national campaign of infection control (virus c) ~/Ho/NewsDetails/121034/en
20/02/2015 Approval on the principle of exchanging bonuses for workers at the crises and disasters Unit ~/Ho/NewsDetails/120564/en
20/02/2015 Approval on mandating doctor / Cyrils Zakari Khalil , resident doctor at Assiut Hospital ~/Ho/NewsDetails/120565/en
20/02/2015 Mandating doctor / Ayman Fawzy Ibrahim Hussein Fawzi at Al Shohadaa village ~/Ho/NewsDetails/120571/en
19/02/2015 Approval on exchanging (200) pound to the number of ten for each of the nursing contract ~/Ho/NewsDetails/120560/en
19/02/2015 mandating doctor / Mikhail Shukri in Qena ~/Ho/NewsDetails/120563/en
18/02/2015 Designing substitutionary dress for ladies after mastectomy ~/Ho/NewsDetails/120475/en
18/02/2015 Follow up the case of diabetes patients to avoid Eye Complications ~/Ho/NewsDetails/120478/en
18/02/2015 Basics of scientific research in a training course for medical students Menoufia University. ~/Ho/NewsDetails/120477/en
16/02/2015 Rewarding Mr. / Emad Hamdy Khalil (temporary driver) a monthly reward ~/Ho/NewsDetails/120572/en
16/02/2015 Comprehensive update of the Oncology Center at Menoufia University. ~/Ho/NewsDetails/119375/en
16/02/2015 Bee Propolis and Bee venom to treat Schistosoma ~/Ho/NewsDetails/119372/en
16/02/2015 Developing the tumors Department, Faculty of Medicine and buy the latest system for radiotherapy ~/Ho/NewsDetails/119373/en
15/02/2015 Second Secondary Conference of the Nile Association for Chest Diseases ~/Ho/NewsDetails/119347/en
11/02/2015 Two new floors for oncology center and other for emergency hospitals , Menoufia University. ~/Ho/NewsDetails/119220/en
10/02/2015 225 successful liver transplant at the Institute of Liver , Menoufia University the most recent one for a Palestinian patient ~/Ho/NewsDetails/119221/en
10/02/2015 Signing the final contract for the supply of linear accelerator ~/Ho/NewsDetails/119222/en
03/02/2015 National liver Institute among the best centers in the world in the application of new treatment methods for liver donors ~/Ho/NewsDetails/119225/en
02/02/2015 A tender for the supply of cardiothoracic surgery requirements ~/Ho/NewsDetails/118977/en
02/02/2015 Tender for the supply of surgical machine for Urology ~/Ho/NewsDetails/118979/en
02/02/2015 Providing the drug "Sovaldi " for patients with C virus during week .. ~/Ho/NewsDetails/119226/en
21/01/2015 Approval on the appointment of doctor / Seham Ahmed Mohamed Abdelaziz for the post of Assistant Lecturer at Faculty of Medicine ~/Ho/NewsDetails/118570/en
21/01/2015 Monthly Seminar for the unit of the digestive system and liver - Internal Medicine Department , Faculty of Medicine - Menoufia University ~/Ho/NewsDetails/118579/en
20/01/2015 Approval on appointing doctor / Amiraa Mustafa Matar ,demonstrator for the post of Assistant Lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine ~/Ho/NewsDetails/118567/en
20/01/2015 Approval on appointing doctor / Noha Mohamed Kamal Abu Hussein for the post of Assistant Lecturer at Faculty of Medicine ~/Ho/NewsDetails/118569/en
18/01/2015 Approval on holding conference of the Department of Ophthalmology in conjunction with the Clinical Egyptian Delta Association ~/Ho/NewsDetails/118566/en
15/01/2015 Congratulations to Pro, Dr. Ahmad Faraj Al Kased for assuming the post of Vice President for Graduate Studies ~/Ho/NewsDetails/118442/en
15/01/2015 Reject the mandate of Dr. / Basma Mamdouh Abou Zeid , resident doctor , At Al Bagur Public Hospital ~/Ho/NewsDetails/118447/en
14/01/2015 Faculty of Medicine exams ~/Ho/NewsDetails/118392/en
14/01/2015 Held the Monthly Seminar for the unit of the digestive system and liver - Internal Medicine Department ~/Ho/NewsDetails/118550/en
14/01/2015 Approval on the travel of doctor / Ahmed Ali Rahim Al Ghalban to the University of Bonn, Germany ~/Ho/NewsDetails/118563/en
12/01/2015 Approval on the appointment of doctor / Ahmed Abdel Azim Abu Salem for the position of Assistant Lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine ~/Ho/NewsDetails/118571/en
08/01/2015 Granting Dr./ Mohamed Salah Abdel Shafy , the Associate's degree in Psychology ~/Ho/NewsDetails/118438/en
07/01/2015 hospitals Council : reject the assignment requests for training only after obtaining the first part of the Master ~/Ho/NewsDetails/118433/en
06/01/2015 Mandating doctor / Walid Osama Mohammed Abdel Halim , doctor at the Medical Administration, Menoufia University. ~/Ho/NewsDetails/118430/en
06/01/2015 Public Invitation ~/Ho/NewsDetails/118452/en
06/01/2015 The Travel of doctor / Ghada Hassan Abdel Maksoud Al Saify , Assistant Professor, Department of Histology at the college to England , United Kingdom ~/Ho/NewsDetails/118557/en
06/01/2015 Start working in outpatient complex at Menoufia University at a cost of 40 million pounds ~/Ho/NewsDetails/118333/en
04/01/2015 Mandating doctor / Huda Muhammad Atef Omar ,doctor of the General Authority for Health Insurance Al Helah Hospital . ~/Ho/NewsDetails/118429/en
03/01/2015 Mandating doctor / Wesam Saeed Abdullah resident doctor at Ophthalmia Hospital , Banha ~/Ho/NewsDetails/118428/en
02/01/2015 the education and training program (BLS) 20 nurse with support of 50% of the Implementation of hospitals Fund ~/Ho/NewsDetails/118427/en
01/01/2015 The renewal of the mandate of the doctor / Walid Abdul Majid Sabih , pediatrician ~/Ho/NewsDetails/118426/en
17/12/2014 Announcements for training courses in English Language ~/Ho/NewsDetails/117791/en
16/12/2014 Faculty of Medicine , Menoufia University participated in the International Conference on Infection Control ~/Ho/NewsDetails/117782/en
14/12/2014 A tender for the supply of network gas supplies ~/Ho/NewsDetails/117796/en
12/12/2014 the book of Medicine of environment industries to Professor Prof, Dr. Mohamed Kamel Ibrahim Sobky (Part I and Part II) ~/Ho/NewsDetails/117739/en
11/12/2014 Book of doctor and his career for the Prof, Dr. Sami Mustafa Badawi ~/Ho/NewsDetails/117740/en
11/12/2014 A tender for the supply of consumables, chemicals, dyes, for the Department of Pathology ~/Ho/NewsDetails/117797/en
11/12/2014 Announcement ~/Ho/NewsDetails/117669/en
10/12/2014 A tender for the supply of some disposables for the unit of blood vessels ~/Ho/NewsDetails/117792/en
10/12/2014 New in the treatment of kidney immune inflammation in a seminar at Faculty of medicine, Menofia University. ~/Ho/NewsDetails/117658/en
09/12/2014 Addiction and its impact on the individual and the family in the seminar , Faculty of nursing ,Menofia University . ~/Ho/NewsDetails/117659/en
02/12/2014 The Eighty-seventh Scientific Conference of the Egyptian clinical Ophthalmological Delta Association ~/Ho/NewsDetails/117457/en
02/12/2014 Scientific Symposium of kidney unit entitled “ updates in Glomerulone Phritis “ ~/Ho/NewsDetails/117458/en
20/11/2014 Etiquette and ethics of the nursing profession at a seminar , Faculty of Nursing , Menoufia University ~/Ho/NewsDetails/115845/en
20/11/2014 Training seminars on ICSI at Faculty of medicine , Menoufia University ~/Ho/NewsDetails/115846/en
19/11/2014 Tender for purchasing medicines antibiotics ~/Ho/NewsDetails/115800/en
19/11/2014 Tender to modernize part of Urology Department ~/Ho/NewsDetails/115801/en
19/11/2014 Tender for supplying the device c- arm to the Department of Urology . ~/Ho/NewsDetails/115806/en
19/11/2014 A tender for purchasing wood and Carpentry accessories ~/Ho/NewsDetails/115807/en
19/11/2014 Tender for supplying the maintenance of Laundry Equipment ~/Ho/NewsDetails/115809/en
19/11/2014 A tender for purchasing Bakets for echocardiography ~/Ho/NewsDetails/115810/en
19/11/2014 Tender for renovations and maintenance of tumors hospital building ~/Ho/NewsDetails/115811/en
10/11/2014 Adding some members of the Infection Control Committee at the university hospitals ~/Ho/NewsDetails/117589/en
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