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Menofia University

The Project of developing the village of Zoer as a model for the eco-friendly village

Community Service and Environmental Development Sector


 The council of Community Service met at its  (ninth) session that  held on 18/5/2014 to study the  project of developing  a village in Menoufia Governorate in collaboration with Menoufia Governor ( the most needed)  The Council approved on forming a committee to study the project and develop an implementation plan.

after the study the Committee has selected the village of Zoer for the beginning of implementing  the project , where  it is one of  the villages that affiliated to  Shebin El Koum at Menofia governorate and has a population of about 25 thousand people, located on the Agricultural road ,  Shebin El Koum Quesna 7 km from the city of Shebin El Koom.

This village is suffering from weakness in the health services and service
(Water, sanitation, and roads) despite of the higher proportion of education in it , Menoufia University started  basing on its strategic plan 2014/2020 to promote the community participation and developing the environment as a key project for the Community Service and Environmental Development Sector in the belief of the positive role of the university in the community service by starting the  practical application of project interaction of the university with devices  in the province and local government and civil society organizations for the development of villages of Menoufia Governorate to be a model for the Eco-Village ,  the Supreme Committee for project met and the criteria have been set  for selecting poor villages in the province in resources and services which  suffer from environmental problems such as water, sewage and waste garbage and the scarcity of trees and green spaces and  then the village of  Zoier has been chosen ,  to be the village that suitable for all required standards.

The project depends on the individual efforts of the youth of the village , the university , businessmen and the youth of  Resala charity.   

The General supervisor of the project, Prof. Dr. / Atef Al Sayed  Abu Al Azm , vice president for community service and Environmental Affairs