No Addiction .. You are Stronger than Drugs a Seminar at Menoufia University

Published On : 28/03/2017

The Community Service and Environmental Development Sector in the Faculty of Education , Menofia University in cooperati

Faculty of Electronic Engineering Organizes Fair for Projects on 10 and 11 April

Published On : 27/03/2017

Faculty of Electronic Engineering at Menoufia University organizes its annual scientific fair for the Department of Indu

Menoufia University participated in The 23rd Forum of Exchanging Training Programs for Students of Arab Universities to Al Ain University.

Published On : 27/03/2017

Menoufia University participated in the twenty-third forum of exchanging training programs for students of Arab Univer

Faculty of Medicine launches a campaign for early detection of breast cancer for free on Tuesday

Published On : 27/03/2017

Faculty of Medicine , Menoufia University starts its campaign for early detection of breast cancer tomorrow in collabor

Environmental awareness and pollution risks on public health

Published On : 27/03/2017

In order to create a state of awareness of the dangers of pollution on the individual and society, the University organi

Design and Implementation Seminar at the International Engineering Conference.

Published On : 26/03/2017

“Strand Co” Company , one of the oldest and largest companies in the field of pre stressed concrete in Egypt....

Iran, Israel ,and Turkey in Arab Region .. Practices and Changes.

Published On : 21/03/2017

Departments of Persian and Arabic Language in collaboration with Association of Oriental Language Graduates organized a

Faculty of Engineering Organizes its First International Conference on Sustainable Development Next Thursday.

Published On : 21/03/2017

Faculty of Engineering at Shebin El Koum organize its 9th International Conference for Sustainable Environmental Develo

University Leaders
Prof.Dr /Adel El-Sayed Sadek Moubark Vice-President For Education&Students Affairs
Prof.Dr /Abd-El Rahman El-Sayed Korman Vice-President For Community Service&Environmental Affairs