Nursing capacity development in scientific research

Published On : 28/09/2020

Faculty of Nursing holds its seventh and first international virtual conference under the auspices of Dr. Adel Mubarak,

The President of Menoufia University honors the Director General of Special Accounts for reaching the age of pension.

Published On : 28/09/2020

Dr. Adel Mubarak, President of Menoufia University, and the accountant Akram Abdel Dayem, Secretary General of the Univ

Menoufia University prepares for the launch of the innovators conference despite Corona next October

Published On : 28/09/2020

Dr. Abdel-Rahman Al-Bajouri, which will be held on the fourth and fifth of next October in the Grand Conference Hall of

Ways to attract more expatriate students and meetting with coordinators from all colleges.

Published On : 28/09/2020

The Expatriate Department at the headquarters of Menoufia University held a meeting with the expatriate coordinators in

Faculty and leadership development center at Menoufia University organizes the 51st e-testing course on-line

Published On : 20/07/2020

Dr. Adel Mubarak,the president of Menoufia University, called for more development and upgrading of faculty members and

Menoufia University publishes the first research results in nanotechnology applications in animal production

Published On : 20/07/2020

Menoufia University published the first research recommendations on nanotechnology applications, which the state called

The Faculty Leadership Development Center at Menoufia University organizes the 51st online exams .

Published On : 16/07/2020

Dr. Adel Mubarak, President of Menoufia University, called for further advancement and upgrading of the capacity of facu

Menoufia University is one of the highest universities to accomplish citizens' complaints in June 2020

Published On : 11/07/2020

Dr. Adel Mubarak, president of Menoufia University, said the report prepared by the unified government complaints system

University Leaders
Prof.Dr /Adel El-Sayed Sadek Moubark University President
Prof.Dr /Nancy Youssif Assad Youssif Vice-President For Education&Students Affairs
Vice-President For Community Service&Environmental Affairs