Open Legal Education Program

Open Legal Education Program

 Program Goals

Giving the opportunity to those who have not had the opportunity of formal university education, who have obtained a high school diploma or its equivalent, to obtain a university degree.
Providing continuing education opportunities and providing educational services for those wishing to raise their scientific and cultural level.
Providing the educational service in the appropriate place and time for the student, which achieves a great deal of facilitation and flexibility.
Achieving the principle of linking the university to the community by providing a program that suits the needs of the labor market.
Academic degrees awarded by the program

The Open Legal Education Program - Faculty of Law - Menoufia University is affiliated with the Open Education Center at Menoufia University. The student is granted a Bachelor of Laws degree in the Open Legal Education Program from the Faculty of Law - Menoufia University - after successfully passing all the courses stipulated in the program
Admission requirements

Obtaining a high school certificate or its equivalent, or Al-Azhar secondary school, or technical diplomas, or one of the recognized university certificates, or the student has passed a stage of study in one of the faculties of law after making the necessary clearing in this regard.
At least five years have passed since he obtained his high school diploma or its equivalent.
Non-Egyptian students are accepted according to the conditions determined by the University's Open Education Board of Directors based on the proposal of the College's Open Legal Education Board of Directors.
school system

Study in the program on Friday and Saturday weekly 
The duration of the study is eight semesters over four academic years, and the College Council, after consulting the opinion of the concerned department council, determines the topics to be studied in each course.
The duration of study in one semester is fifteen weeks.
In each semester, the student studies at least three courses and a maximum of six courses in one semester, except for the summer semester, and the maximum limit does not exceed three courses.