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05/07/2020 Cyber Security Initiative with distance Learning technologies ~//NewsDetails/142843/en
05/07/2020 Regularity and calm prevail the second semester exams at Menoufia University . ~//NewsDetails/142844/en
05/07/2020 The President of Menoufiya University inspects the final examinations of the fourth group in the Faculty of Specific Education ~//NewsDetails/142846/en
01/07/2020 The President of the University of Menoufia completes his inspection tour of the second term examination committees of the colleges of education, agriculture and home economy ~//NewsDetails/142847/en
01/07/2020 Second term examinations for final years in Menoufia University ~//NewsDetails/142849/en
01/07/2020 Monofiya University President inspects the second term examination committees in the Campus of colleges ~//NewsDetails/142848/en
01/07/2020 The 7th Anniversary of June 30 Revolution ~//NewsDetails/142850/en
01/07/2020 Faculty of Commerce prepares the precautionary measures for the fourth year exams in the second semester ~//NewsDetails/142852/en
18/06/2020 Endoscopic surgeries in the time of corona are discussed by the surgery session at the 38th International Conference of the Egyptian Society of Surgeons headed by Al Kased ~//NewsDetails/142838/en
17/06/2020 Importance Notice ~//NewsDetails/142837/en
16/06/2020 Mubarak holds its monthly meeting with the deans of colleges "Online" and following up the final preparations for the second semester exams ~//NewsDetails/142840/en
16/06/2020 Al Kased chairs the session of the surgery league between universities within the activities of the 38th International Conference of the Egyptian Society of Surgeons. ~//NewsDetails/142839/en
14/06/2020 Al-Kased holds the tenth committee meeting for the Council of Community Service Affairs at Menoufia University Online ~//NewsDetails/142841/en
09/06/2020 Faculty of Specific Education prepares for the second semester exams for the Bachelor with preventive insurance for Corona virus. ~//NewsDetails/142835/en
09/06/2020 A unified portal proposal for Egyptian universities to raise e-learning content in cooperation with Microsoft corporation for details ~//NewsDetails/142827/en
08/06/2020 Sherif Sabry, Dean of Home Economics, Menoufia University ~//NewsDetails/142836/en
07/06/2020 Developing a new model for predicting the result of arterial chemical injection treatment for hepatocellular carcinoma in a PhD thesis at the National Liver Institute at Menoufia University. ~//NewsDetails/142828/en
07/06/2020 Dr. Hanan Al-Sadiq Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Research at Faculty of Early Childhood Education. Dr. Adel Mubarak, President of Menoufia University, issued a resolution that Dr. Hanan Mohamed Fawzy El-Sadek, Professor at the Department of Educational Sciences for Children at Faculty of Education for Early Childhood at Menoufia University, Vice-Dean for Graduate Studies and Research for a period of three years. ~//NewsDetails/142830/en
07/06/2020 President of Menoufia University holds monthly session of the University Facilities Committee ~//NewsDetails/142831/en
07/06/2020 The Menoufia University Supreme Committee for managing the crisis of new Corona virus, follows up its work headed by Mubarak and discusses equipping the “Al Amal Al gadida” city building for isolation. ~//NewsDetails/142833/en
07/06/2020 Menoufia University President inspects the health isolation hospital in the National liver Institute, which starts today to receive the injured members of the faculty and the university employees. ~//NewsDetails/142834/en
07/06/2020 Menoufia Education provides Electronic Guidance Seminars series on the Prevention of Corona Virus in Exams . ~//NewsDetails/142832/en
02/06/2020 Posts declared in the Department of Education, Menoufia University. ~//NewsDetails/142826/en
27/05/2020 Faculty of Education continues Sterilization and Disinfection Operations to prevent Corona virus. ~//NewsDetails/142824/en
22/05/2020 Congratulations on the occasion of Eid Al-Fitr. ~//NewsDetails/142823/en
20/05/2020 Menoufia University continues to sell meat at discounted prices at outlets ~//NewsDetails/142821/en
19/05/2020 The President of Menoufia University holds his monthly meeting with faculty deans via the Internet ~//NewsDetails/142820/en
17/05/2020 The Needs Committee at Menoufia University holds its ninth session, headed by Al-Kased, via electronic platforms. ~//NewsDetails/142814/en
17/05/2020 Al Kased holds a meeting of the Committee for Accepting Gifts and Donations at Menoufia University Online. ~//NewsDetails/142815/en
16/05/2020 Dr. Mohy Hadhoud Chairman of the Committee of Institutes and Divisions of Computer Science and Information Systems. ~//NewsDetails/142816/en
12/05/2020 The university president meets the second group of the Monofiya medicine doctors, who are assigned to work in quarantine hospital in Al-Bagour ~//NewsDetails/142807/en
12/05/2020 Interviews of applicants for the post of Dean of the Menoufia National liver Institute ~//NewsDetails/142808/en
11/05/2020 President of Menoufia University follows up the acts of the University Facilities Committee. ~//NewsDetails/142809/en
10/05/2020 Dr. Huda Al-Sobky is head of the Department of Ophthalmology at the Faculty of Medicine.Menoufia University. ~//NewsDetails/142810/en
07/05/2020 Forty-seven were assigned to work as directors of departments in various units of Menoufia University. ~//NewsDetails/142811/en
07/05/2020 Adjusting the status of 200 employees ~//NewsDetails/142812/en
06/05/2020 Evaluation of the program of good antibiotic management in a PhD thesis at the National liver Institute at Menoufia University. ~//NewsDetails/142813/en
06/05/2020 Nabil Shatat is General Manager of Financial and Administrative Guidance at Menoufia University. ~//NewsDetails/142803/en
05/05/2020 The Vice-President of Menoufia University for Graduate Studies holds a meeting of the Central Library Committee via electronic meeting platforms ~//NewsDetails/142804/en
05/05/2020 Research Projects ~//NewsDetails/142802/en
03/05/2020 Vice-President of Menoufia University for Graduate Studies and research holds a meeting of the Committee for the Scientific Research Unit Online . ~//NewsDetails/141801/en
03/05/2020 Under the Chairmanship of El-kased, The Faculty Members Grievances Committee at Menoufia University holds its 6th online session ~//NewsDetails/141802/en
01/05/2020 Congratulations to the Egyptian people and to the people of Menoufia University on the occasion of the celebration of Labor Day ~//NewsDetails/142806/en
25/04/2020 Congratulations by the University President on The Holy Month Of Ramadan ~//NewsDetails/141795/en
22/04/2020 Congratulations by the University President on The Holy Month Of Ramadan ~//NewsDetails/141796/en
22/04/2020 Faculty of Education supports the Educational Awareness of the Egyptian family in the face of the Corona Pandemic. ~//NewsDetails/141797/en
22/04/2020 A Recent Study at Menoufia University supports the Efficiency of Electronic Shopping in supporting Family Resources ~//NewsDetails/141798/en
22/04/2020 Faculty of Nursing educates Citizens about the Dangers of Obesity in an Online Educational Convoy. ~//NewsDetails/141799/en
21/04/2020 Minister of higher Education ends his visit to Menoufia University by inspecting “Elrahb farm” ~//NewsDetails/141783/en
21/04/2020 Minister of higher Education and President of Al Monofiya University inspected the farm of “Toukh tanbsha” ~//NewsDetails/141784/en
19/04/2020 "Headed by Elkased" The Committee of faculty members in Al-Menoufia university holds its Online session ~//NewsDetails/141785/en
19/04/2020 President of Monoufia University and Committee of media sector in an inspection tour of the Faculty of Media ~//NewsDetails/141787/en
19/04/2020 The products of the Faculty of Agriculture Menoufia University are contributing to meeting the needs of the community of vegetables, meat and dairy products. ~//NewsDetails/141786/en
18/04/2020 An important statement ~//NewsDetails/141788/en
18/04/2020 Menoufia University President decides to pay a reward for Ramadan ~//NewsDetails/141789/en
17/04/2020 Sunday: The Professional Development Center at Al-Monoufia University organizes an online seminar about Nawah Scientific and the conditions of appointment. ~//NewsDetails/141790/en
16/04/2020 An awareness convoy of the faculty of nursing, Menoufia University to prevent Corona virus through the Internet ~//NewsDetails/141769/en
16/04/2020 Menoufia University President congratulates Coptic brothers on Easter ~//NewsDetails/141771/en
16/04/2020 Home economics ,Menoufia University calls for more precautionary measures and strengthening immunity to healthy food. ~//NewsDetails/141772/en
15/04/2020 Monoufia University team for religious chants and hymns wins the first place in” Ebdaa 8” ~//NewsDetails/141775/en
14/04/2020 Start a complete sterilization gate in Menoufia University hospitals ~//NewsDetails/141779/en
14/04/2020 Menoufia University produces muzzles , head and foot covers and face and gowns to meet the needs of the community. ~//NewsDetails/141780/en
14/04/2020 Training courses continue at the Faculty and leadership Development Center at Menoufia University Online. ~//NewsDetails/141781/en
13/04/2020 Mubarak congratulates Hefnawi for his appointment as President of Al Salam University. ~//NewsDetails/141794/en
09/04/2020 Menofia University students face "Corona" through electronic marketing for Egyptian and Arab university students on the internet. ~//NewsDetails/141767/en
09/04/2020 Menofia University Council donates a quarter of its salary for three months to Tahya Misr Fund. ~//NewsDetails/141768/en
08/04/2020 Alkased holds the meeting of the Council of Graduate Studies and Research at Menofia University online. ~//NewsDetails/141757/en
08/04/2020 A Menofia University medical convoy headed to the central security sector in our army in Quweisna ~//NewsDetails/141759/en
08/04/2020 The medical camp of menofia University in Mit Khalaf opened external receptions for the governorate's citizens ~//NewsDetails/141760/en
08/04/2020 Under the chairmanship of El Kased University Libraries Committee, its eighth meeting will be held through electronic meeting platforms. ~//NewsDetails/141761/en
08/04/2020 Vice-President of Menofia University of Graduate Studies held the Eighth Committee meeting through Electronic Meeting Platforms. ~//NewsDetails/141762/en
08/04/2020 Dr. Tawfiq Abdel-Mutaleb is the executive director of the National liver Institute hospital in Menoufia University. ~//NewsDetails/141763/en
06/04/2020 An online seminar for Syngenta International Company , organized by the Professional Development Center in Menofia University. ~//NewsDetails/141764/en
06/04/2020 Dr. Mohamed Al-Sawi is executive director of Menofia University hospitals ~//NewsDetails/141765/en
06/04/2020 Elkased holds the eighth committee meeting of the Council for Community Service Affairs in Menoufia University through video conference. ~//NewsDetails/141766/en
31/03/2020 A Generous Donation from Good People of goodness: Providing a Number of Preventive Medical Supplies to the University Hospitals in Menoufia ~//NewsDetails/141752/en
31/03/2020 Statement by the Crisis Management Group of the Faculty of Medicine and Hospitals. ~//NewsDetails/141753/en
30/03/2020 The Monitoring Group at Menoufia University meets to develop Policies and Mechanisms for Action ~//NewsDetails/141754/en
30/03/2020 Dean of the Faculty of Medicine follows the Sterilization Work in the Kidney Dialysis unit and reassures the Medical Team. ~//NewsDetails/141755/en
30/03/2020 As a part from #stay home campaign ,the Center for the Treatment of toxins and Addictions at the hospitals of Menofia University announces Hotline for receiving citizens' complaints ~//NewsDetails/141756/en
27/03/2020 600 pounds for Resident Doctors, Assistant Lecturers , Pharmacists, Nursing, Workers and Security at University Hospitals and the National Liver Institute. ~//NewsDetails/141726/en
25/03/2020 Faculty of Medicine holds a Coordination Meeting between Medical Service Providers in the Governorate to Monitor the Suspected Cases. ~//NewsDetails/141727/en
25/03/2020 MU President confirms the diagnosis of 620 E-clinics ~//NewsDetails/141728/en
25/03/2020 Faculty of Sciences continues the sterilization and disinfection operations to prevent the spread of the new Corona virus. ~//NewsDetails/141729/en
25/03/2020 The University President is following up the Medical Sector to face the Emerging Crisis of the Corona virus. ~//NewsDetails/141730/en
24/03/2020 President of Menoufia University directs to announce all student results in the first semester. ~//NewsDetails/141731/en
24/03/2020 Al-Bagoury follows up the sterilization and disinfection works at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. ~//NewsDetails/141732/en
23/03/2020 Faculty of Specific Education activate Distance Learning Platforms via YouTube Channel. ~//NewsDetails/141733/en
22/03/2020 Menoufia University won the Electronic Games Championship and the 3rd Sports Navigation Championship. ~//NewsDetails/141736/en
21/03/2020 MU President thanks the faculty members for their cooperation in uploading the curriculum electronically ~//NewsDetails/141737/en
18/03/2020 Secretary-General of the University, honored Salama El sabahy. ~//NewsDetails/141751/en
17/03/2020 Menoufia University continues sterilization of its colleges and units ~//NewsDetails/141748/en
16/03/2020 Hayam Mustafa Vice Dean for Faculty of Specific Education for community Service and Environmental Development Affairs. ~//NewsDetails/141739/en
16/03/2020 The Rector thanks all Employees of the University Cities ~//NewsDetails/141703/en
16/03/2020 Sterilization of Faculty of Home Economics to face Coronavirus. ~//NewsDetails/141704/en
16/03/2020 6 Applicants for the position of Dean of Faculty of Law. ~//NewsDetails/141749/en
15/03/2020 Suspension of the Third International Conference of Faculty of Engineering until further notice. ~//NewsDetails/141706/en
15/03/2020 The Rector follows up the Plan to face the Corona Virus Crisis. ~//NewsDetails/141707/en
15/03/2020 General guidelines to limit the corona virus outbreak and the methods of prevention to be followed ............ ~//NewsDetails/141708/en
15/03/2020 Activation of Remot Education ~//NewsDetails/141709/en
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