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13/10/2019 Menoufia University is preparing to get ISO ~//NewsDetails/141377/en
13/10/2019 AIDS and its Symptoms and Methods of Prevention in a seminar at Faculty of Commerce. ~//NewsDetails/141378/en
12/10/2019 Specific Education students with special abilities gave an outstanding performance of October victories ~//NewsDetails/141379/en
07/10/2019 The Central Agency for Organization and Administration approves the adoption of the functional structure of the new colleges at Menoufia University. ~//NewsDetails/141357/en
01/10/2019 Faculty of Pharmacy visit Bahia Hospital to raise awareness of breast cancer ~//NewsDetails/141353/en
30/09/2019 MU President honors Medhat Hegazy for reaching the age of pension ~//NewsDetails/141355/en
29/09/2019 Pharmacy students visit EIPICO Pharmaceutical Company ~//NewsDetails/141340/en
04/09/2019 Registration of Medical Examination for new students ~//NewsDetails/141317/en
01/09/2019 MU Rector Inspects the Activities and Events of the First Day of the University Youth Week. ~//NewsDetails/141315/en
25/08/2019 Mubarak witnesses the countdown to the rehearsals of the opening of the second university youth week for the disability challengers September 2019 ~//NewsDetails/141304/en
25/08/2019 MU Rector Meets A Delegation from the Directorate of Securit ~//NewsDetails/141305/en
24/08/2019 Dr. Araby Keshk Dean for computers and information, Ayman El Sayed for electronic engineering and Naeem Fawzy for physical Education in Menoufia. ~//NewsDetails/141307/en
22/08/2019 Mubarak receives Anba Benjamin Bishop of Menoufia ~//NewsDetails/141308/en
09/07/2019 President of Menoufia University honors Mahmoud Naseer and Abdel Wahab El Sabbagh who reached retirement age. ~//NewsDetails/141257/en
09/07/2019 Completion of the Aptitude test for high school students 20 July ~//NewsDetails/141256/en
08/07/2019 A recent study at Menoufia University recommends the use of fruit peel to improve liver function and to treat obesity diseases ~//NewsDetails/141258/en
08/07/2019 Mubarak inspects the Olympic Aquatic Complexat Menoufia University ~//NewsDetails/141259/en
06/07/2019 Student of Medicine wins the Ideal Student at the level of Egyptian Universities at Leadership Development Institute in Helwan ~//NewsDetails/141261/en
04/07/2019 96% Success rate in the first year at the Faculty of Early Childhood at Menoufia University ~//NewsDetails/141263/en
04/07/2019 Faculty of Specific Education announces the start of Aptitude tests for high school students next Saturday ~//NewsDetails/141264/en
20/05/2019 President of Menoufia University begins his Inspection Tour of the Second Semester Exams at Faculty of Scienc ~//NewsDetails/141205/en
20/05/2019 President of Menoufia University concludes his tour today by inspecting the pharmacy exams ~//NewsDetails/141206/en
12/05/2019 Menoufia University organizes an integrated medical convoy to provide detection and treatment for the people of the village of Mit El Mooz ~//NewsDetails/141202/en
24/03/2019 The Secretary General of the University opens the second session of the training of workers on the system of Programs and Performance Electronically. ~//NewsDetails/141131/en
21/03/2019 Menoufia University got the first place in the Eco competition at the Internationalization Conference of Higher Education at Mansoura University. ~//NewsDetails/141132/en
16/03/2019 "Don’t Bully" Awareness Campaign at Menoufia University ~//NewsDetails/141122/en
14/03/2019 Faculty of Arts hosts the centennial celebration of Egyptian Women of the National Council for Women. ~//NewsDetails/140119/en
14/03/2019 Faculty Education receives the Committee of Measurement and Assessment Center at the Ministry of Higher Education ~//NewsDetails/140120/en
07/03/2019 Tomorrow :Menoufia University starts its 1st competition in Alabakera “the Geniuses “TV show . ~//NewsDetails/140101/en
07/03/2019 Menoufia University is preparing to organize the 2nd Youth University Week for people with Special Needs. ~//NewsDetails/140103/en
07/03/2019 Environmental Excellence Committee begins its 1st tour in the second semester. ~//NewsDetails/140104/en
07/03/2019 Fulbright Commission is Presenting 8 Scholarships for Students of Scientific Research at Menoufia University ~//NewsDetails/140105/en
05/03/2019 Next Wednesday: A workshop at Menoufia University on Fulbright Scholarship in the United States. ~//NewsDetails/140094/en
05/03/2019 Closing the Activities of the Sports Forum of faculties of the Universities . ~//NewsDetails/140095/en
05/03/2019 Infection Control between Reality and Hope in a Symposium on Menoufia Nursing. ~//NewsDetails/140096/en
05/03/2019 One and a Half million Pound to buy scientific and research equipment for Faculty of Medicine ~//NewsDetails/140098/en
05/03/2019 An Educational Seminar Entitled "Egypt, Africa Opportunities and Challenges" ~//NewsDetails/140099/en
04/03/2019 Mid-March: Faculty of Engineering discusses 80 scientific papers at its 2nd International Conference on Sustainable Development ~//NewsDetails/140100/en
03/03/2019 Surgeries and Treatment of Larynx Cancer in a Seminar in Otolaryngology Department at Menoufia Medicine. ~//NewsDetails/140091/en
03/03/2019 Training course for students of medical science in CT scan in Cairo ~//NewsDetails/140089/en
03/03/2019 Vice President of Menoufia University for Graduate Studies inspects Measurement and Evaluation Center at Faculty of Medicine ~//NewsDetails/140090/en
03/03/2019 Diagnose and Treatment of Hypothyroidism in Children at a Seminar in Menoufia Medicine. ~//NewsDetails/140088/en
02/03/2019 In the presence of the Governor of Menoufia .. the Rector witnessing the launch of the first Menoufia Conference for Development and Investment ~//NewsDetails/140087/en
01/03/2019 Important Recommendations for the 19th Conference of the Department of Ophthalmology in Faculty of Medicine ~//NewsDetails/140086/en
28/02/2019 Next March: Faculty of Engineering Organizes the 10th International Conference for the Sustainable Environmental Development of the College in Sharm El Sheikh. ~//NewsDetails/140082/en
27/02/2019 Menoufia University Council recommends the establishment of the Faculty of Artificial Intelligence. ~//NewsDetails/140073/en
27/02/2019 Menoufia University President Honors Pharmacy Students participating in the 1st Pharmacy Festival ~//NewsDetails/140074/en
14/02/2019 Assistant Professor at Faculty of Science got the Best Master Thesis in 2018 ~//NewsDetails/140044/en
14/02/2019 The Rector meets the board of Faculty of Agriculture ~//NewsDetails/140048/en
14/02/2019 Eradicate tumor weighing more than 10 kg of a woman's uterus at Menoufia University Hospitals ~//NewsDetails/140043/en
12/02/2019 The International Union of Arab Journalists honors the President of Menoufia University ~//NewsDetails/140032/en
03/01/2019 El Bagaury Dean of Veterinary Medicine ~//NewsDetails/139972/en
25/12/2018 President of Menoufia University participates in the 22nd session of the Federation of the Universities of the Islamic World ~//NewsDetails/139955/en
23/12/2018 President of Menoufia University met with a delegation from the Ministry of Finance ~//NewsDetails/139958/en
23/12/2018 Abdel Ghafar and Mubarak launch the celebration torch of the University’s 42nd anniversary ~//NewsDetails/139959/en
22/12/2018 The Supreme Council of Universities honors Al Kholi and Shaarawi ~//NewsDetails/139961/en
28/10/2018 A letter of thanks and appreciation from the President of Menoufia University ~//NewsDetails/137889/en
27/10/2018 Integrated skills in the basics of effective presentation in a training course for students in Menoufia ~//NewsDetails/137886/en
27/10/2018 Towards a society free of liver disease epidemics and psychological effects of sexual harassment in two seminars in Menoufia ~//NewsDetails/137888/en
25/10/2018 Adel Mubarak President of Menoufia University ~//NewsDetails/137881/en
25/10/2018 Mubarak receives congratulations for his presidency of the university ~//NewsDetails/137882/en
25/10/2018 the Rector announces the result of the selection of Administrative Leaders ~//NewsDetails/137883/en
24/10/2018 Menoufia University receive the best university selection committee for 2018 ~//NewsDetails/137870/en
24/10/2018 Faculty of Physical Education organizes a Marathon for students of Azhar institutes. ~//NewsDetails/137867/en
16/10/2018 Faculty of Specific Education receives its new students and launches a campaign to instill virtuous moral behaviors. ~//NewsDetails/137842/en
04/10/2018 Menoufia University hosts the Activities of the 3rd day of the first Cairo International Conference of the University Theater with the participation of 14 Arab and foreign universities. ~//NewsDetails/137828/en
04/10/2018 Menoufia University got the First Place in the Competition of art Centers at the Level of Egyptian Universities ~//NewsDetails/137829/en
30/09/2018 Al - Kassed: allocating 10,000 pounds to the annual conference of Faculty of Computers and Information ~//NewsDetails/137827/en
27/09/2018 Mubarak and Korman on a visit to Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences and Pharmacy ~//NewsDetails/137825/en
24/09/2018 Menoufia University signs a cooperation protocol with Ocean University to establish a community college ~//NewsDetails/136821/en
24/09/2018 Define your goal and work to achieve it ~//NewsDetails/136820/en
24/09/2018 Menoufia University Vice Presidents meet with New students ~//NewsDetails/136819/en
20/09/2018 Speech of Dr. Muawad Al-Khouly at his honoring ceremony honoring. ~//NewsDetails/136810/en
20/09/2018 Honoring Ceremony for Dr. Moawad Al Khouli, President of Menoufia University ~//NewsDetails/136809/en
06/09/2018 The 1st Quality and International Entrepreneurship Conference ~//NewsDetails/136790/en
06/09/2018 President of Menoufia University Participates in the Celebration of Doctors Syndicate to honor the outstanding. ~//NewsDetails/136791/en
06/09/2018 Al-Kholy receives Minister of Business Sector and Governor of Menoufia ~//NewsDetails/136792/en
05/09/2018 Menofia Governor Meets with Officials of Adult Education in the Governorate ~//NewsDetails/136787/en
05/09/2018 President of the University adopts the result of Bachelor of Science September 2018 ~//NewsDetails/136789/en
04/09/2018 National Liver Institute at Menoufia University honors Dr. Maoud Al Khouly and Dr. Ahmed Al Sharawy. ~//NewsDetails/136785/en
02/09/2018 Leaders of Menoufia University Congratulate the New Governor . ~//NewsDetails/136779/en
02/09/2018 Al Khouly and Mubarak Inspect Medical Examination Committees at the college complex ~//NewsDetails/136778/en
02/09/2018 The Rector and his deputies meet with the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Manpower ~//NewsDetails/136774/en
02/09/2018 ElKholy adopts the result of the Open Education Program ~//NewsDetails/136784/en
02/09/2018 El Khouly and Mubarak conclude their tour today at the Faculty of Physical Education ~//NewsDetails/136781/en
28/08/2018 Towards a Safe Work Environment at the First Seminar of the Safety Forum at Faculty of Engineering ~//NewsDetails/135776/en
28/08/2018 Safety researchers at the Ministry of Manpower call for the training of workers on safety controls and first aid ~//NewsDetails/135774/en
26/08/2018 Al Khouly receives Minister of Manpower ~//NewsDetails/135767/en
18/08/2018 Students of Faculty of Pharmacy on an inspection visit to Fipco Pharmaceutical Factory ~//NewsDetails/135769/en
16/08/2018 President of Menoufia University and Vice Presidents congratulate the employees on the occasion of Eid al-Adha ~//NewsDetails/135770/en
16/08/2018 Recycling of household waste in a guidance convoy at Monofiya University ~//NewsDetails/135772/en
06/08/2018 President of Menoufia University holds the University Facilities committee ~//NewsDetails/134753/en
06/08/2018 Tansik Office at Menoufia University start in accepting students' papers with special needs and prepared to receive the third phase tomorrow ~//NewsDetails/134754/en
06/08/2018 Scientific and Academic Cooperation between Menoufia University and the Ntional Egyptian E- Learning University ~//NewsDetails/134757/en
05/08/2018 In the presence of the President of Menoufia University of fFaculty of Computers and Information launches its eleventh session of the capacity building program for university students ~//NewsDetails/134747/en
05/08/2018 Menoufia University got the first place for graduation projects for students of library departments in Egyptian universities ~//NewsDetails/134748/en
05/08/2018 President of Menoufia University meets students of exchange program ~//NewsDetails/134751/en
05/08/2018 Officials of the Center for Adult Education in Menoufia participate in a workshop at the General Authority for Adult Education ~//NewsDetails/134750/en
02/08/2018 Adoption of the Result of the Fourth year of Nursing ~//NewsDetails/134740/en
02/08/2018 Schools for various sports activities at Faculty of Physical Education ~//NewsDetails/134739/en
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