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27/03/2020 600 pounds for Resident Doctors, Assistant Lecturers , Pharmacists, Nursing, Workers and Security at University Hospitals and the National Liver Institute. ~//NewsDetails/141726/en
25/03/2020 Faculty of Medicine holds a Coordination Meeting between Medical Service Providers in the Governorate to Monitor the Suspected Cases. ~//NewsDetails/141727/en
25/03/2020 MU President confirms the diagnosis of 620 E-clinics ~//NewsDetails/141728/en
25/03/2020 Faculty of Sciences continues the sterilization and disinfection operations to prevent the spread of the new Corona virus. ~//NewsDetails/141729/en
25/03/2020 The University President is following up the Medical Sector to face the Emerging Crisis of the Corona virus. ~//NewsDetails/141730/en
24/03/2020 President of Menoufia University directs to announce all student results in the first semester. ~//NewsDetails/141731/en
24/03/2020 Al-Bagoury follows up the sterilization and disinfection works at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. ~//NewsDetails/141732/en
23/03/2020 Faculty of Specific Education activate Distance Learning Platforms via YouTube Channel. ~//NewsDetails/141733/en
22/03/2020 Menoufia University won the Electronic Games Championship and the 3rd Sports Navigation Championship. ~//NewsDetails/141736/en
21/03/2020 MU President thanks the faculty members for their cooperation in uploading the curriculum electronically ~//NewsDetails/141737/en
16/03/2020 Hayam Mustafa Vice Dean for Faculty of Specific Education for community Service and Environmental Development Affairs. ~//NewsDetails/141739/en
16/03/2020 The Rector thanks all Employees of the University Cities ~//NewsDetails/141703/en
16/03/2020 Sterilization of Faculty of Home Economics to face Coronavirus. ~//NewsDetails/141704/en
15/03/2020 Suspension of the Third International Conference of Faculty of Engineering until further notice. ~//NewsDetails/141706/en
15/03/2020 The Rector follows up the Plan to face the Corona Virus Crisis. ~//NewsDetails/141707/en
15/03/2020 General guidelines to limit the corona virus outbreak and the methods of prevention to be followed ............ ~//NewsDetails/141708/en
15/03/2020 Activation of Remot Education ~//NewsDetails/141709/en
15/03/2020 Menoufia University: Suspension of Courses of Strategic Studies Center for for a period of two weeks ~//NewsDetails/141711/en
13/03/2020 Suspension of the Study Tomorrow at Menoufia University. ~//NewsDetails/141712/en
11/03/2020 Tomorrow is an official holiday at Menoufia University ~//NewsDetails/141720/en
10/03/2020 Call for proposals for African cooperation projects are now open , total of 10 million Euros for this year. ~//NewsDetails/141702/en
09/03/2020 Next Saturday: Children’s University in Menoufia organizes a workshop in the fields of Drama and Music. ~//NewsDetails/141678/en
09/03/2020 Menoufia University Convoys raises Health Awareness about Coruna Virus in Remote Villages ~//NewsDetails/141679/en
08/03/2020 The Rector congratulates woman on her World Day. ~//NewsDetails/141687/en
08/03/2020 A Resolution to form Board of Directors of (Geography and Geomatics) Program . ~//NewsDetails/141684/en
08/03/2020 Adult Education Center at Menoufia University Participate in the 4th international conference of Faculty of Education, Ain Shams University. ~//NewsDetails/141681/en
07/03/2020 Jamal Al-Dahshan a Member of the Counter-Extremism and Terrorism Committee of the Supreme Council of Culture ~//NewsDetails/141685/en
02/03/2020 The Rector honors Dr. Mohamed Khalil ~//NewsDetails/141671/en
02/03/2020 The importance of Performance Evaluation, Skills Development and Preparation of Leadership cadres. ~//NewsDetails/141673/en
02/03/2020 Dr. Abd Al-Rahman Al-Sebaei Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development at Faculty of Medicine. ~//NewsDetails/141675/en
02/03/2020 Activating the Initiative to integrate Students into the National Project for Literacy and Adult Education at Faculty of Physical Education. ~//NewsDetails/141677/en
01/03/2020 Faculty of Specific Education is preparing to compete in the Government Excellence Competition. ~//NewsDetails/141646/en
01/03/2020 Inception Team is organizing an Entertaining Party at Faculty of Science on the Occasion of the New Semester. ~//NewsDetails/141648/en
01/03/2020 The Measurement and Evaluation Committee at the Supreme University Council in a visit to Menoufia University ~//NewsDetails/141649/en
29/02/2020 Tomorrow: An introductory meeting with the Egypt Prize for Government Excellence at Menoufia University ~//NewsDetails/141647/en
29/02/2020 The Rector’s Tour to Faculty of Specific Education. ~//NewsDetails/141651/en
27/02/2020 Opening the door to apply for the Excellence Center scholarship In Energy in Electronic Engineering ~//NewsDetails/141655/en
23/02/2020 Adult Education Center on a visit to Faculty of Arts ~//NewsDetails/141642/en
23/02/2020 Al Kased preside over Laparoscopic Tumor Session in the 17th International Conference of the Egyptian Arthroscopy Association. ~//NewsDetails/141641/en
18/02/2020 The University visit to Al-Nasr Chemical Company in Abu Rawash ~//NewsDetails/141633/en
18/02/2020 The Rector hosted the Governors of Al Gharbia and El Menoufia, and Tanta University’s Rector. ~//NewsDetails/141634/en
18/02/2020 Menoufia University participates in the Speedball Championship for Arab Universities in Hurghada. ~//NewsDetails/141632/en
17/02/2020 Dr. Hayam Mustafa Salem took over the position of Director of the University Performance Development Department at the Measurement and Evaluation Center. ~//NewsDetails/141624/en
17/02/2020 Menoufia University holds Question Banks Course for Staff. ~//NewsDetails/141627/en
17/02/2020 Menoufia University holds Question Banks Course for the Staff ~//NewsDetails/141629/en
17/02/2020 Dean of Faculty of Electronic Engineering inspects the Control work of Post graduate for the first semester. ~//NewsDetails/141631/en
17/02/2020 The Rector signs a cooperation Protocol with Arab Universities Union. ~//NewsDetails/141635/en
17/02/2020 The Rector met with the Board of Directors of the International Faculty Leadership Development Center. ~//NewsDetails/141637/en
17/02/2020 Awareness Seminar on Corona virus at Faculty of Law . ~//NewsDetails/141640/en
17/02/2020 The Higher Committee for Preparing the Strategy of Menoufia University 2020-2030 continues its work. ~//NewsDetails/141630/en
16/02/2020 Official Statement ~//NewsDetails/141606/en
16/02/2020 Partnership between Faculty of Education and National Studies Center. ~//NewsDetails/141605/en
15/02/2020 Medical Care Pre and after Interventional Diseases in the 21st Conference of Internal Medicine Department. ~//NewsDetails/141607/en
13/02/2020 Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization(ALECSU) Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization announces Vacancies 1. Director of the Department of Science (Senior Director) 2. Director of the Education Department (Senior Director) In the general administration of ALECSU , the nomination deadline should be on February 28, 2020 in the organization. Note that the deadline for application February 15, 2020 To download the file, click here ~//NewsDetails/141604/en
11/02/2020 Ola Al-Zayat, head of the Department of Sociology. ~//NewsDetails/141617/en
03/02/2020 Launching the Athletics competitions at Fayoum Stadium in University Girls' Week. ~//NewsDetails/141558/en
03/02/2020 Launching the Initiative ( I am Deaf, I can ) in the Creative 8 competition at the Ministry of Youth and Sports theater. ~//NewsDetails/141559/en
03/02/2020 Addiction Treatment Fund starts the Training Program “ Choose your Life”, at Faculty of Education. ~//NewsDetails/141563/en
03/02/2020 Menoufia University is looking to establish a Center for Psychological Counseling at Faculty of Medicine. ~//NewsDetails/141562/en
03/02/2020 The Rector participates in the Closing Ceremony of the Activities of the 23rd session of the Executive Council of the Federation of the Universities of the Islamic World in Sharjah. ~//NewsDetails/141564/en
29/01/2020 Corona virus between Prevention and Treatment in a Seminar at Faculty of Nursing. ~//NewsDetails/141554/en
29/01/2020 The Rector holds the University Council session for January 2020. ~//NewsDetails/141555/en
29/01/2020 University Hospital Automation ~//NewsDetails/141556/en
16/01/2020 Dr. Hala Shaheen, Vice-Dean for Medical Sciences ~//NewsDetails/141526/en
06/12/2019 Madiha Hamdi and Fahmy El-Khouly at the Festival of Theatrical Performances at Menoufia University ~//NewsDetails/141512/en
06/12/2019 Menoufia University Handball Female team beat the Higher Education Team. ~//NewsDetails/141513/en
25/11/2019 Menoufia University President and Vice President inaugurate the 37th Scout Festival. ~//NewsDetails/141479/en
24/11/2019 A delegation from Menoufia University on a visit to Port Said Navy Base ~//NewsDetails/141478/en
24/11/2019 Faculty of Veterinary Medicine honors its Scientific and Administrative staff. ~//NewsDetails/141477/en
20/11/2019 Faculty of Agriculture hosts Agriculture Experts with Magnetic Technology in a Workshop ~//NewsDetails/141458/en
20/11/2019 Confirmation of Appointment of 270 casual labour staff and Regularization of 237. ~//NewsDetails/141459/en
27/10/2019 Menoufia University participates in the 21st Student Creative Forum in the UAE ~//NewsDetails/141386/en
26/10/2019 A scientific participation of Menoufia University at the University development Center at Assiut University ~//NewsDetails/141387/en
26/10/2019 President of Menoufia University attends the graduation ceremony of the 26th batch of Specific education ~//NewsDetails/141389/en
26/10/2019 The Rector opens Two Exhibitions of Art and Handicrafts in Faculty of Specific Education ~//NewsDetails/141390/en
26/10/2019 Tomorrow the Cultural Week in Pharmacy and an Important Seminar on Internal Diseases ~//NewsDetails/141391/en
25/10/2019 Sunday: The launch of the second international scientific conference of the Department of Arabic Language , Faculty of Arts . ~//NewsDetails/141393/en
24/10/2019 Menoufia University wins first place in Cairo Water Week 2019 ~//NewsDetails/141395/en
24/10/2019 Dean of Liver Institute opens the First Scientific Conference of the Department of Pediatric Liver Medicine at the National Liver Institute, Menoufia University ~//NewsDetails/141394/en
24/10/2019 Menoufia University achieved advanced Places in the first African Universities Youth Week ~//NewsDetails/141396/en
14/10/2019 Tomorrow: a sports day at Menoufia University to celebrate the victories of October ~//NewsDetails/141376/en
13/10/2019 Menoufia University is preparing to get ISO ~//NewsDetails/141377/en
13/10/2019 AIDS and its Symptoms and Methods of Prevention in a seminar at Faculty of Commerce. ~//NewsDetails/141378/en
12/10/2019 Specific Education students with special abilities gave an outstanding performance of October victories ~//NewsDetails/141379/en
07/10/2019 The Central Agency for Organization and Administration approves the adoption of the functional structure of the new colleges at Menoufia University. ~//NewsDetails/141357/en
01/10/2019 Faculty of Pharmacy visit Bahia Hospital to raise awareness of breast cancer ~//NewsDetails/141353/en
30/09/2019 MU President honors Medhat Hegazy for reaching the age of pension ~//NewsDetails/141355/en
29/09/2019 Pharmacy students visit EIPICO Pharmaceutical Company ~//NewsDetails/141340/en
04/09/2019 Registration of Medical Examination for new students ~//NewsDetails/141317/en
01/09/2019 MU Rector Inspects the Activities and Events of the First Day of the University Youth Week. ~//NewsDetails/141315/en
25/08/2019 Mubarak witnesses the countdown to the rehearsals of the opening of the second university youth week for the disability challengers September 2019 ~//NewsDetails/141304/en
25/08/2019 MU Rector Meets A Delegation from the Directorate of Securit ~//NewsDetails/141305/en
24/08/2019 Dr. Araby Keshk Dean for computers and information, Ayman El Sayed for electronic engineering and Naeem Fawzy for physical Education in Menoufia. ~//NewsDetails/141307/en
22/08/2019 Mubarak receives Anba Benjamin Bishop of Menoufia ~//NewsDetails/141308/en
09/07/2019 President of Menoufia University honors Mahmoud Naseer and Abdel Wahab El Sabbagh who reached retirement age. ~//NewsDetails/141257/en
09/07/2019 Completion of the Aptitude test for high school students 20 July ~//NewsDetails/141256/en
08/07/2019 A recent study at Menoufia University recommends the use of fruit peel to improve liver function and to treat obesity diseases ~//NewsDetails/141258/en
08/07/2019 Mubarak inspects the Olympic Aquatic Complexat Menoufia University ~//NewsDetails/141259/en
06/07/2019 Student of Medicine wins the Ideal Student at the level of Egyptian Universities at Leadership Development Institute in Helwan ~//NewsDetails/141261/en
04/07/2019 96% Success rate in the first year at the Faculty of Early Childhood at Menoufia University ~//NewsDetails/141263/en
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