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11/12/2017 Menoufia University President chairs the fourth session at the scientific forum of Naif University ~//NewsDetails/133281/en
11/12/2017 Menoufia University Celebrates the Opening of the Fifth Environmental Week Festival ~//NewsDetails/133286/en
04/12/2017 President of Menoufia University inaugurates the Second International Conference of European ~//NewsDetails/133264/en
04/12/2017 Treatment of Growth retardation in children at a symposium at the National Liver Institute, Menoufia ~//NewsDetails/133263/en
04/12/2017 Wednesday: Faculty of Specific Education Launches Awareness Campaign on Diabetes ~//NewsDetails/133259/en
04/12/2017 The Cultural Dimension of Translation and the Methods of Teaching Literature in 4 Scientific Sessions in the Department of German Language ~//NewsDetails/133254/en
04/12/2017 Menoufia University in the third place in bodybuilding at Tanta University and the first in kung fu at the German University. ~//NewsDetails/133256/en
04/12/2017 Department of English literature discusses 7 scientific research in the meetings of the second day of the Conference of European Languages ~//NewsDetails/133255/en
04/12/2017 "Gate of Success" free workshop for the Embassy of Knowledge at Menoufia University ~//NewsDetails/133253/en
03/12/2017 President of the University receives the President of the French University ~//NewsDetails/133265/en
02/12/2017 Dean of Faculty of Education participates in a seminar in Lebanon ~//NewsDetails/133267/en
01/12/2017 The President of Menoufia University is following the Student Elections in the University ~//NewsDetails/133270/en
30/11/2017 Faculty of Electronic Engineering organizes the annual opening ceremony of the Scientific Society of Electrical Engineers ~//NewsDetails/133271/en
29/11/2017 Decisions of the Council of Menoufia University in November session ~//NewsDetails/132247/en
25/11/2017 The Rector Mourns the Martyrs of Rawda Mosque ~//NewsDetails/132238/en
23/11/2017 Younis Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Education in Menoufia ~//NewsDetails/132220/en
23/11/2017 President of Menoufia University at the Opening Ceremony of the 4th Cairo International Innovation Exhibition 2017 ~//NewsDetails/132221/en
23/11/2017 Faculty of Education celebrates the graduation of a new batch ~//NewsDetails/132223/en
23/11/2017 Faculties of Medicine, Engineering and Veterinary Medicine get First Place in the Information Forum ~//NewsDetails/132222/en
22/11/2017 Tomorrow : Information Forum at Faculty of Veterinary Medicine ~//NewsDetails/132199/en
22/11/2017 Vice President of Menoufia University for Students Affairs honors students participating in the 19th Creative Forum at Ras Al Khaimah ~//NewsDetails/132203/en
22/11/2017 Al Kased meets with the Committee of Applied Research Projects . ~//NewsDetails/132200/en
21/11/2017 Faculty of Medicine Launches A Campaign Against Addiction ~//NewsDetails/132204/en
13/11/2017 Media Advisor to the Rector of Menoufia University in the Hospitality of Nil TV ~//NewsDetails/132156/en
13/11/2017 Sinai is Egypt’s Strategic Stock of Wealth .. Seminar in Faculty of Science of Menoufia ~//NewsDetails/132157/en
31/10/2017 Faculty of Home Economics Supports Graduates with Job Opportunities ~//NewsDetails/132136/en
31/10/2017 Studying in Germany and the Technical University of Berlin at a seminar at Menoufia University ~//NewsDetails/132140/en
31/10/2017 German Ambassador visits faculties of Arts and Science ~//NewsDetails/132139/en
31/10/2017 The Council of Menoufia University begins October’s session with a minute of mourning for the martyrs ~//NewsDetails/132153/en
24/10/2017 Dengue Fivers is A Threat ~//NewsDetails/132115/en
08/10/2017 Mahmoud Issa .. Success story from Faculty of Science to an Author. ~//NewsDetails/132044/en
08/10/2017 Screens in the stadium of the University to Broadcast Egypt and the Congo Football Match. ~//NewsDetails/132045/en
04/10/2017 "Combating Violence Against Women" at a seminar in Menoufia University next Tuesday ~//NewsDetails/132077/en
03/10/2017 The Rector Congratulates El Sisi on the Occasion of 6th October Victory ~//NewsDetails/132041/en
03/10/2017 Vice President for Education and Student Affairs inspects Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Youth Welfare ~//NewsDetails/132038/en
11/09/2017 Arrival of scout delegations . ~//NewsDetails/131943/en
07/09/2017 Menoufia University President in Hospitality of Nile News. ~//NewsDetails/131949/en
22/08/2017 Free Treatment of Virus C at the National Liver Institute . ~//NewsDetails/131899/en
22/08/2017 At the meeting of the Board of Directors of University Hospitals in Menoufia ~//NewsDetails/131901/en
19/08/2017 Supreme Council of Universities approves the Establishment of the Faculty of Dentistry at Menoufia University ~//NewsDetails/131904/en
13/08/2017 Establishing a Public Service Center At Faculty of Physical Education ~//NewsDetails/131910/en
10/08/2017 In his speech with Al Masry Al Youm. ~//NewsDetails/131898/en
08/08/2017 The Rector discusses the plan of Universities Youth week in a press conference. ~//NewsDetails/131885/en
26/07/2017 Vice President for Student Affairs Inspects Tansik’s Second Phase. ~//NewsDetails/131862/en
20/07/2017 Al Kholy in the hospitality of Egyptian TV Channel ~//NewsDetails/131851/en
20/07/2017 84% the Success Rate at Faculty of Computers and Information. ~//NewsDetails/131850/en
19/07/2017 89.9% success rate of the first year of veterinary medicine, Menoufia University. ~//NewsDetails/131835/en
18/07/2017 Announcement of the results of the first and second division at Faculty of Engineering . ~//NewsDetails/131838/en
18/07/2017 82% Success Rate in Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences ~//NewsDetails/131840/en
13/07/2017 Menoufia University celebrates World Day of Nursing ~//NewsDetails/131825/en
12/07/2017 The Rector inspects Veterinary Medicine facilities ~//NewsDetails/131819/en
12/07/2017 Announcement ~//NewsDetails/131817/en
21/06/2017 Healthy Nutrition in Ramadan ~//NewsDetails/130808/en
13/06/2017 The Rector Inspects the Exam process in Faculties of Law and Engineering ~//NewsDetails/130795/en
12/06/2017 Roma : National Liver Institute in Menoufia Participate in the World Forum for Gastroenterologists. ~//NewsDetails/130798/en
11/06/2017 The Rector inaugurates the Medical Complex’s Mosque ~//NewsDetails/130796/en
08/06/2017 Awareness campaigns on the dangers of addiction and abuse at Menoufia University. Community Service and Environmental Development Sector ~//NewsDetails/130807/en
08/06/2017 Vice President of the University inspects Exams process on its second week ~//NewsDetails/130801/en
01/06/2017 Al Kholy Follow Up Exams at Faculties of Agriculture and Education ~//NewsDetails/130803/en
29/05/2017 Raising the woman health in a convoy from Menoufia University to Mit Siraj Village. ~//NewsDetails/130791/en
29/05/2017 EL-khouly inspects exams at the college complex ~//NewsDetails/130790/en
29/05/2017 Development of the Education Library ~//NewsDetails/130792/en
29/05/2017 Researcher at Faculty of Science got the State Encouragement Award in Engineering Science. ~//NewsDetails/130789/en
26/05/2017 No terrorism and Blood Bleeding ~//NewsDetails/130788/en
25/05/2017 Directors General of the Egyptian Universities youth Welfare in the hospitality of the university ~//NewsDetails/130786/en
23/05/2017 Adel Mubarak inspects the exams of the Faculty of Commerce ~//NewsDetails/130782/en
22/05/2017 Methods of dealing with children during examinations and food preservation in a convoy from Menoufia University . ~//NewsDetails/130806/en
14/05/2017 1726 students performs last year exams at Faculty of Computers and Information. ~//NewsDetails/130766/en
14/05/2017 Closing ceremony of the student activities of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Menoufia University ~//NewsDetails/130764/en
14/05/2017 Faculty of Engineering holds its Annual Scientific Conference ~//NewsDetails/130765/en
10/05/2017 Faculty of Computers and Information Celebrate the end of Student Activities. ~//NewsDetails/130760/en
09/05/2017 The opening of the Geomatics Exhibition in Faculty of Arts. ~//NewsDetails/130756/en
04/05/2017 The rights of orphans in a seminar at Faculty of Commerce ~//NewsDetails/130753/en
04/05/2017 Menoufia University Council Approves on holding Cooperation Protocols the Universities of Mohammed V, Zarqa and Khartoum ~//NewsDetails/130751/en
01/05/2017 Labor Day: The Rector Calls for building a National Educational Renaissance for a more Advanced Future ~//NewsDetails/130743/en
30/04/2017 15 scientific Lecture discussed by the Annual Conference of Internal Medicine at Faculty of Medicine. ~//NewsDetails/130741/en
27/04/2017 Helwan University: Faculty of Electronic Engineering wins Five Awards at the Ninth Scientific Forum of the Robot Project ~//NewsDetails/130739/en
26/04/2017 At 7 pm: Faculty of Law perform a show entitled Garden of Strangers ~//NewsDetails/130735/en
26/04/2017 On Earth Day: Pesticides and chemical fertilizers threaten life's chances on the planet's surface ~//NewsDetails/130709/en
26/04/2017 On Earth Day: The World Puts Laws to Protect the Planet Since the 1970s ~//NewsDetails/130710/en
26/04/2017 On Earth Day: Cars are no longer as Entertaining as they were before. They threaten our Planet ~//NewsDetails/130714/en
26/04/2017 On Earth Day: Moawad calls on university scientists for more scientific innovations to preserve our planet from environmental pollution ~//NewsDetails/130722/en
25/04/2017 The 48th batch of Electronic Engineering Organizes A Fun day at the Faculty ~//NewsDetails/130733/en
14/04/2017 Dr. Loulah: Magnet the latest Medical Surgeries to Elongate the Esophagus in Pediatrics at Menoufia University . ~//NewsDetails/130699/en
14/04/2017 6 medical companies supporting the annual surgery conference in Faculty of Medicine at Menoufia University , reviewing the developments of the devices in micro surgical operations ~//NewsDetails/130700/en
14/04/2017 Dr. Al - Waraki: Treatment of Post hepatic jaundice with hepatic catheter ~//NewsDetails/130698/en
14/04/2017 Dr. Al - Waraki: Treatment of Post hepatic jaundice with hepatic catheter ~//NewsDetails/130698/en
13/04/2017 The opening of the Nanotechnology Lab in Faculty of Electronic Engineering ~//NewsDetails/130694/en
12/04/2017 Faculty of Arts Honors the Orphans ~//NewsDetails/130686/en
12/04/2017 Seminar at Faculty of Education : Moawad Al-Khouli opens an Exhibition of Educational Means for People with Special Needs. ~//NewsDetails/130688/en
11/04/2017 Dean of Faculty of Electronic Engineering opens the ninth annual exhibition of graduation projects ~//NewsDetails/130684/en
08/04/2017 The Rector witnesses the Fun Day of Faculty of Science ~//NewsDetails/130678/en
08/04/2017 The Third Student Conference of the Department of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology at Faculty of Medicine. ~//NewsDetails/130680/en
07/04/2017 Next Sunday : Menoufia University honors the ideal mothers . ~//NewsDetails/130676/en
06/04/2017 The New in Ophthalmosurgeries and Treatment ~//NewsDetails/130672/en
06/04/2017 Central Bank's control in the face of crises in a doctoral thesis at Faculty of Law in Menoufia University. ~//NewsDetails/130668/en
05/04/2017 The Choir Team at Menoufia University : Ahmed Mahgoub got the First Place in Solo Signing in the National Competition for Signing and Folk Arts . ~//NewsDetails/130667/en
28/03/2017 No Addiction .. You are Stronger than Drugs a Seminar at Menoufia University ~//NewsDetails/130634/en
27/03/2017 Faculty of Electronic Engineering Organizes Fair for Projects on 10 and 11 April ~//NewsDetails/130632/en
27/03/2017 Menoufia University participated in The 23rd Forum of Exchanging Training Programs for Students of Arab Universities to Al Ain University. ~//NewsDetails/130633/en
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