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10/06/2018 El Khouly inspects the exams of Faculty of home economics ~//NewsDetails/134624/en
07/06/2018 Vice President of Menoufia University for Education and Students Affairs inspects the exams of Faculty of Specific Education ~//NewsDetails/134627/en
07/06/2018 Faculty of Science holds a breakfast event in the presence of the university president ~//NewsDetails/134626/en
04/06/2018 The First Session of the Higher Committee for New Programs at Menoufia University. ~//NewsDetails/134615/en
03/06/2018 The Rector and his deputies inspects the exams of Faculty of Law ~//NewsDetails/134618/en
02/06/2018 The National Liver Institute at Menoufia University honors Ideal and Retired Employees ~//NewsDetails/134620/en
27/05/2018 President of the University and his Deputies inspect the Examinations of Computers and Information ~//NewsDetails/134602/en
27/05/2018 Leaders of Menoufia University at the Faculty of Pharmacy breakfast ~//NewsDetails/134601/en
26/05/2018 President of the University inspect Exams and the Educational Complex in Faculty of Education ~//NewsDetails/134596/en
24/05/2018 The voting began of the syndicate committee elections at Menoufia University ~//NewsDetails/134593/en
24/05/2018 President of Menoufia University is following up the Elections of the Syndicate Committee in the University ~//NewsDetails/134594/en
21/05/2018 Leaders of Menoufia University at the Faculty of Pharmacy breakfast ~//NewsDetails/133598/en
19/05/2018 In the Presence of the Minister of Higher Education .. First meeting of the Board of Directors of the Fund to Improve the Conditions of Workers in Government Universities ~//NewsDetails/133580/en
19/05/2018 Mubarak Inspect the Specific Education Exams in Ashmoun ~//NewsDetails/133581/en
07/05/2018 Launch of the Kuwait Education Forum in the presence of the President of Menoufia University and his deputy ~//NewsDetails/133579/en
07/05/2018 Community service sector in the university: Calls for the Elimination of the Phenomenon of Looking in Trash and the Generalization of Separation of it from the Source. Community service sector in the university: Calls for the Elimination of the Phenomenon of Looking in Trash ~//NewsDetails/133577/en
05/05/2018 The Technical Institute of Nursing in Menoufia celebrates the Closing of Student Activities. ~//NewsDetails/133576/en
04/05/2018 Faculty of Physical Education in Menoufia Organizes the First Swimming Festival. ~//NewsDetails/133575/en
29/04/2018 Announcement of the position of Director of Petroleum Research Institute ~//NewsDetails/133563/en
29/04/2018 President of Menoufia University participates in Veterinary Medicine's celebration of the International Day of Veterinary Medicine ~//NewsDetails/133550/en
29/04/2018 Dean of Faculty of Education participates in the activities of the Education Conference in Arab World in the Kingdom of Jordan ~//NewsDetails/133549/en
29/04/2018 Faculty of Physical Education Organizes the First Cultural Scout Forum ~//NewsDetails/133548/en
28/04/2018 Great Achievement by a Researcher from Menoufia University ~//NewsDetails/133551/en
25/04/2018 Vice Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy participates in the International Conference for the Use of Chemistry in the Discovery and Design of Drugs in Dubai ~//NewsDetails/133554/en
25/04/2018 Public Service Center at Faculty of Pharmacy ~//NewsDetails/133555/en
25/04/2018 On behalf of Menoufia University.. Dr. Mouawad El Khouly, President of the University Congratulates the Egyptian People and Political Leaders on the Occasion of the Liberation of Sinai ~//NewsDetails/133556/en
24/04/2018 President of Menoufia University held the Laboratory Committee ~//NewsDetails/133541/en
24/04/2018 Menoufia University Organizes a March to Support the Armed forces in the Celebrations of Sinai Liberation Days ~//NewsDetails/133557/en
23/04/2018 Now: Through the "video conference" on the level of the universities of Egypt Menoufia University President Announced the Start of the Sports Day at the University Stadium ~//NewsDetails/133544/en
23/04/2018 President of Menoufia University participates in the 6th International Conference of Specific Education ~//NewsDetails/133543/en
23/04/2018 President of Menoufia University witnessed the ceremony of Specific Education Electronic Portal ~//NewsDetails/133542/en
17/04/2018 Skull Base Surgery through the ear ~//NewsDetails/133525/en
17/04/2018 The President of Menoufia University explains the reasons for the late completion of the building of the Institute of Nursing ~//NewsDetails/133526/en
17/04/2018 President of Ain Shams University Honors Adult Education Center at Menoufia University ~//NewsDetails/133527/en
16/04/2018 Tomorrow: Telecom and Network Engineering Exhibition in Manouf ~//NewsDetails/133528/en
16/04/2018 Leaders of Menoufia University Participates in the Annual Celebration of Sadat University ~//NewsDetails/133529/en
16/04/2018 Faculty of Medicine participates in the 8th Arab International Conference to ensure the quality of higher education in Lebanon with a distinguished research ~//NewsDetails/133530/en
16/04/2018 President of Sadat University Honors Dean of Physical Education Menoufia University. ~//NewsDetails/133532/en
11/03/2018 Maggie Nassif, Executive Director of Fulbright calls Researchers to support the State in its Programs towards Comprehensive Development ~//NewsDetails/133476/en
11/03/2018 Faculty of Specific Education in a Visit to 57357 Hospital ~//NewsDetails/133475/en
11/03/2018 Vice President of Menoufia University meets a delegation of university cities ~//NewsDetails/133474/en
26/02/2018 Faculty of Law : Organizes an Educational Seminar on AIDS and Methods of Prevention and Treatment ~//NewsDetails/133443/en
26/02/2018 Tomorrow: Menofiya University participates in the celebration of the Arab Day for Literacy ~//NewsDetails/133446/en
26/02/2018 A successful Diagnostic Catheterization for a Woman at Menoufia University Hospitals ~//NewsDetails/133444/en
26/02/2018 Menoufia University Council holds February Session ~//NewsDetails/133439/en
26/02/2018 The training session begins in Arbitration and the National Judiciary at Faculty of Law ~//NewsDetails/133442/en
25/02/2018 Faculty of Medicine Celebrates the Graduation of the 30th batc ~//NewsDetails/133455/en
25/02/2018 Draw your Ambition .. Faculty of Commerce ~//NewsDetails/133437/en
25/02/2018 Faculty of Computers and Information : Provides training opportunities for ICT systems under the Future Technology Pioneers initiative. ~//NewsDetails/133453/en
24/02/2018 2000 Students Challenge Disability and Compete in a Sportsmanship ~//NewsDetails/133452/en
18/02/2018 President of Menoufia University participates in the First Forum of the Federation of Arab and Russian Universities in Beirut ~//NewsDetails/133423/en
18/02/2018 Wafa Zahran and Mohamed Kotb Representative of the Governorate in the Academy of Scientific Research ~//NewsDetails/133426/en
18/02/2018 Menoufia University Participates in the Fifth Conference of the Second Category Centers of UNESCO ~//NewsDetails/133424/en
18/02/2018 Vice Presidents of Menoufia University open the First Book Fair in Faculty of Arts ~//NewsDetails/133425/en
17/02/2018 Egyptian Universities Youth Conference for Sustainable Development Concludes its Activities. ~//NewsDetails/133422/en
14/02/2018 President of Menoufia University: Higher Education Announce Scholarships provided by Brunei for the Academic year 2018/2019 ~//NewsDetails/133419/en
14/02/2018 The Faculty and Leadership Development Center in Menoufia University organizes New Training Courses ~//NewsDetails/133418/en
13/02/2018 Menoufia University Contributes in the project of Craftsmen City ~//NewsDetails/133416/en
12/02/2018 Mubarak Chairs the Monthly meeting of the Council of Education and Students Affairs of Menoufia University. ~//NewsDetails/133415/en
11/02/2018 Blood Donation Campaigns and Educational Seminars at Menoufia University in Cooperation with Hospital 57357 ~//NewsDetails/133411/en
11/02/2018 Menoufia University participates in the Science and Technology Fair on the sidelines of the Third African Forum ~//NewsDetails/133414/en
11/02/2018 Menoufia University participates in the Science and Technology Fair on the sidelines of the Third African Foru ~//NewsDetails/133412/en
10/02/2018 Inauguration of the 3rd African Forum for Science ,Technology and Innovation . ~//NewsDetails/133408/en
10/02/2018 The Rector: President Al Sisi Witnessed the Launching of the Third African Forum for Science and Technology ~//NewsDetails/133410/en
09/02/2018 Statement of the Council of Menoufia University ~//NewsDetails/133409/en
08/02/2018 Successful Microscopic Surgery for the re- Implantation of an Amputated Finger of a Patient at Menoufia University Hospitals ~//NewsDetails/133406/en
08/02/2018 Vice President of Menoufia University for Students Affairs inspect the Medical Administration and Student Hospital ~//NewsDetails/133407/en
07/02/2018 Faculty of Commerce February 28 The Deadline for Registration of Diplomas in the Credit Hours System ~//NewsDetails/133404/en
07/02/2018 The President of Menoufia University Invites Researchers to Attend the Seminar Organized by the Fund for Science and Technological Development ~//NewsDetails/133405/en
06/02/2018 Civilization Makers Program in the Hospitality of the President of the University of Menoufia ~//NewsDetails/133403/en
24/01/2018 The Rector follows up the tests of applicants for drinking water and sanitation ~//NewsDetails/133392/en
19/01/2018 President of Menoufia University from the End of the Conference of the Story of a Nation : Sisi Announces Intention to Run for Second Term in 2018 Presidential Elections. ~//NewsDetails/133360/en
01/01/2018 The Rector Celebrate the Science Day with Engineers Syndicate ~//NewsDetails/133352/en
31/12/2017 Free Training Course on laparoscopic surgery in Menoufia University. ~//NewsDetails/133330/en
31/12/2017 Inauguration of the 3rd African Forum for Science ,Technology and Innovation . ~//NewsDetails/133329/en
28/12/2017 Care of the heart of cancer patient at a seminar in Faculty of Medicine. ~//NewsDetails/133332/en
27/12/2017 The Rector inspects the exam process in the Faculties of Education, Veterinary Medicine, Agriculture and Physical Education ~//NewsDetails/133334/en
27/12/2017 Menoufia University Council Holds the Session of December after the Celebration of the University Anniversary. ~//NewsDetails/133333/en
25/12/2017 Live, From the Covered hall at the University Stadium ~//NewsDetails/133340/en
24/12/2017 Menoufia University Celebrates its 41st Anniversary ~//NewsDetails/133342/en
21/12/2017 Intel Science and Engineering Fair 2018 concludes at Faculty of Physical Education ~//NewsDetails/133351/en
20/12/2017 10 Steps to Success in Life recommended by the Seminar on the Art of Good Memorization at Faculty of Art. ~//NewsDetails/133323/en
20/12/2017 Menoufia University President participates in Alexandria University `s Diamonds Celebration. ~//NewsDetails/133324/en
20/12/2017 Canadian Scientist Offers Solutions for Energy in Isolated Places ~//NewsDetails/133316/en
20/12/2017 Honoring the Winners of the Theater Festival at Menoufia University ~//NewsDetails/133326/en
19/12/2017 Undersecretary of the Ministry of Electricity ; The Egyptian Electricity Sector go over the Challenges and Turning the Deficit into Surplus ~//NewsDetails/133317/en
19/12/2017 Laboratory Medicine and its Role in the Treatment of Tumors .. In the Sixth Annual Conference of the Department of Clinical Pathology ~//NewsDetails/133320/en
18/12/2017 Dr. Samira Ezzat a Vice Dean for Community Service at the National Liver Institute ~//NewsDetails/133313/en
11/12/2017 Menoufia University Celebrates the Opening of the Fifth Environmental Week Festival ~//NewsDetails/133286/en
11/12/2017 Tomorrow: The Annual Scientific Conference of the Department Control at Faculty of Electronic Engineering ~//NewsDetails/133279/en
11/12/2017 Menoufia University President chairs the fourth session at the scientific forum of Naif University ~//NewsDetails/133281/en
04/12/2017 Wednesday: Faculty of Specific Education Launches Awareness Campaign on Diabetes ~//NewsDetails/133259/en
04/12/2017 The Cultural Dimension of Translation and the Methods of Teaching Literature in 4 Scientific Sessions in the Department of German Language ~//NewsDetails/133254/en
04/12/2017 Menoufia University in the third place in bodybuilding at Tanta University and the first in kung fu at the German University. ~//NewsDetails/133256/en
04/12/2017 Department of English literature discusses 7 scientific research in the meetings of the second day of the Conference of European Languages ~//NewsDetails/133255/en
04/12/2017 "Gate of Success" free workshop for the Embassy of Knowledge at Menoufia University ~//NewsDetails/133253/en
04/12/2017 President of Menoufia University inaugurates the Second International Conference of European ~//NewsDetails/133264/en
04/12/2017 Treatment of Growth retardation in children at a symposium at the National Liver Institute, Menoufia ~//NewsDetails/133263/en
03/12/2017 President of the University receives the President of the French University ~//NewsDetails/133265/en
02/12/2017 Dean of Faculty of Education participates in a seminar in Lebanon ~//NewsDetails/133267/en
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