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The First Session of the Higher Committee for New Programs at Menoufia University.

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The Higher Committee for New Programs at Menoufia  University held its first session under the chairmanship of Dr. Moawad El-Khouly, the President of the University and the membership of Dr. Adel Mubarak, Vice President for Education and Students Affairs , and accountant Akram Abdel-Dayem, Secretary-General of the University and deans of the Faculties of Medicine, Computing and Information.
The session began with the review of the unified regulation of the administrative and financial system for new study programs in the system of credit hours in the faculties of engineering, electronic engineering, computers and information.

El-Khouly emphasized on  the importance of the new programs and their diversity in their specializations to develop the educational process and open up wider areas for students as each program serves as a new college. The sessions of the Higher Committee aim at following up the work of these programs and the rules and mechanisms organizing them.