Dr. Meawad Al Kholy

Al Kholy visits Salma Al Sayyad after the operation at the University hospital

Department of Media




The University President, Prof, Dr. Meawad Al Kholy visit salma Al Sayyad to check on her health after the surgery, which conducted by senior doctor specialized In orthopedic, surgery and anesthesia, the child came to the hospital suffering from a blockage in the right arm artery, the dendritic artery, the angina, and the presence of a pulse in the right armpit after a checkup where, doctors confirmed after a period of treatment for days to follow up the situation of the girl and give her the necessary drugs on the need to conduct the operation that was successful today.
The President of the University is following up the condition of the child since the exit from the operating room and stressed on the doctors and nursing continuous follow-up of the girl and wish her speedy recovery.