Dr. Mouawad El Khouly

President of Menoufia University Participates in the Celebration of Doctors Syndicate to honor the outstanding.

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Dr. Mouawad El Khouly, President of Menoufia University, attended the celebration of the Syndicate of Doctors in Menoufia by honoring the sons of outstanding doctors in the various educational stages in the presence of Dr. Hussein Nada, the captain of the doctors, Dr. Ahmed Gamal El Din, dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Dr. Mohamed El-Gillani, secretary-general of the syndicate , Dr. Mohamed El Hayatemy, vice dean of health affairs directorate,  Dr. Mohamed El Mahrouqy, the undersecretary of the syndicate, and Dr. Ashraf Zeitoun, head of the scientific committee .El-Khouly, expressed his happiness with the presence of his sons, colleagues and parents. He addressed the students that they are superior by  heredity, carrying the genes of their parents and their outstanding mothers, but the ethics and values ​​are what makes your superiority valuable and the service to your country is the highest value of your superiority.
He stressed that the university and the syndicate  is an integral part and continuous communication and cooperation to provide a distinguished medical service, and to achieve the mission  of doctors .

Dr. Hussin Nada,  welcomed the attendance adding  that the aim of the ceremony was to support communication between the members of the syndicate  and to adopt new ideas that serve the members. He thanked the efforts of the participants and thanked the university president for his participation in the celebration. he also congratulated the students on their congratulations and wished them more excellence.