The Rector meets the board of Faculty of Agriculture

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Dr. Adel Mubarak, rector of Menoufia University met with the members of the Faculty of Agriculture board  today during the monthly session to select the members of the committee assigned to participate in the selection of the new Dean of the College . .

Dr. Adel  made a vote for the members of the board  to choose the committee. The result was the selection of Dr. Mustafa Hamam, professor emeritus at  Department of Biochemistry, Dr. Saeed Khalifah, Professor emeritus  of Agricultural Plants Department, and Dr. Khamis Kabbari,  professor emiretues at the Food Science and Technology Department.

Mubarak stressed that the work process does not stop, and the importance of continuous cooperation between the team and its trust  in the selection of their representatives and complete the work of the Faculty of Agriculture, the oldest university faculties distinguished by its specialties, and members of the teaching staff with a great degree of competence and experience over many years.