Menoufia University

Diagnose and Treatment of Hypothyroidism in Children at a Seminar in Menoufia Medicine.

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 Department of Pediatrics Faculty of Medicine at Menoufia  University organized a scientific symposium under the auspices of Dr. Adel Mubarak, President of the University, Dr. Ahmed Gamal El Din, Dean of the faculty , headed by the head of the department Dr. Fadi El-Gendy and supervised by unit’s  professors Dr. Suheir Abul-Ela, Dr. Maha Tawfiq, Dr. Wafa Mustafa and Dr. Najla Bressim.


Dr. Fadi El-Gendy pointed out that the symposium discussed the different diseases of the thyroid gland and how to diagnose it properly and how to request the analysis and radiation and deal with it in a way that leads to sound diagnosis. He stressed that there are many  causes of it  either bacterial or viral infections or immune disorders and the most prevalent and the genetics factor is certainly the cause of injury .. There are also theories that indicate that the presence of food or environmental pollution leads to it.