Menoufia University

Faculty Education receives the Committee of Measurement and Assessment Center at the Ministry of Higher Education

Media Department


Faculty of Education, Menoufia University, received today a committee from the Center for Measurement and Assessment  at  the Management Unit of Higher Education Development Projects.

The delegation was represented by Dr. Ashraf Bahjat and Dr. Dina Abdel Shafi, experts at the Measurement and Assessment  Center at the Management Unit of Higher Education Development Projects. Dr. Fathiha Ahmed Batikh, Vice Dean for Education and Students Affairs, Dr. Rafiq Al Barbary, Deputy Executive Director of the Unit of Measurement and assessment in the Faculty ,and   Ashraf Al-Kholy ,Director General of the College. 


The delegation also inspected the constructions of the college and the rooms allocated to the electronic assessment  center in the college and the hardware and computers that were actually used to monitor the exams for the first semester exams this year

They also  inspected the new administrative building of the college where they saw the rooms allocated to the measurement and assessment  center.

Al-Dahshan stressed that the college and the university assume all the material and human resources for the unit of measurement and assessment  until they appear in the form that is worthy  for the faculty and the university.